Arda Ocal sent this in.

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of the Score Television Network and the Baltimore Sun recently spoke with current WWE Champion CM Punk about the upcoming WWE ’13 video game, his ‘Hell in a Cell’ opponent, what he’d still like to accomplish in WWE and more.


On his ‘Hell in a Cell’ opponent Ryback and whether he’s suprised to face him.

“Im glad actually. I think you take a look at Ryback and he’s your typical WWE wrestler. He’s what Vince McMahon likes. But conversely, my choice was John Cena or Ryback; Cena’s had shot after shot after shot. To me, the ‘change’ I talked about a year and a half ago was about new people stepping up and getting shots, so I’m excited. Its something new, its something different and I can sink my teeth into it.”
On whether the rivalry between himself and John Cena will be the one that sticks out the most in his career.

On a possible match with the Rock at the Royal Rumble and whether it could be the biggest match of his career.
On early retirement and what he feels he has left to accomplish in WWE

Other topics inlcude:
Being on the cover of WWE ’13
The ‘Madden Curse’ and being superstitous
Which wrestlers he models himself after in the ring
How he re-invents himself as a Superstar and WWE Champion

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