Main Event Results – 12/5/12

WWE Main Event Recap
December 5, 2012
Charleston, South Carolina
Commentators: Michael Cole and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin
Report by: Clinton Bowman of

The pyro is set off and Michael Cole and Mike Mizanin welcome us to WWE Main Event, updating us on the CM Punk situation, promising to update us later on in the show. They take us back to last week’s episode of Main Event, where Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro had their confrontation, setting up tonight’s main event.

Josh Mathews is backstage with Kofi Kingston. Kofi says that beating the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, a hidden intensity was unleashed, and that intensity will be shown tonight.

They go back to Monday’s Fatal-Four Way Championship match, where Cesaro deadlifted Kofi into the Neutralizer. They put over the raw strength Antonio Cesaro in a video package.

Lilian Garcia is back! She introduces the competitors for tonight’s Main Event.

R-Truth and Cesaro will face off for the United States Championship at the Barclays Center.

“I don’t like you…I pity you”

Cesaro revises the infamous Martin Luther King speech from the Boondocks.

*commercial break*

Champion vs. Champion
Intercontinental Champion Kofi “Wildcat” Kingston v. United States Champion Antonio “The Swiss Superman” Cesaro

Wade Barrett and R-Truth are ringside, and the match begins. Cesaro gains control, rubbing Kofi’s head into the ring. Cesaro throws a gut punch to Kingston. Cesaro tries to judo throw Kingston, but Kofi flips out of it, and Cesaro counters a strike attempt. Cesaro throws Kingston into the corner, and attempts a running strike, but Kofi reverses into a 10 punch. Kofi flips out of it, and Cesaro knocks him down afterwards. Cesaro bounces off the ropes, but Kofi sends him out of the ring. One suicide dive later, and Wade Barrett and Kofi stare each other down. Cesaro takes control after the pin attempt by Kofi, not letting Kofi get any space.

*commercial break*

Cesaro has a key lock applied on Kofi Kingston. Kofi manages to get out, but meets a little Swiss Death and manages to kick out at 2. Cesaro slams Kofi down, and Kofi kicks out again. Kofi tosses Cesaro back into the ring after an exchange in the ropes, and drops the boom! Kofi sets up for the Trouble in Paradise, but Wade Barrett interrupts, and causes the DQ. A brawl ensues, and Kofi and Truth clear the ring.

Truth declares a tag team match. Little Jimmy is down with that.

(Match Restart)

Tag Team Main Event:
The Booming Truth v. Wade Barrett and US Champion Antonio Cesaro

Wade runs in and R-Truth sends him flying out of the ring.

*commercial break*

Truth drops Barrett with a dropkick, and Kingston gets tagged in. Kofi hits the Avalanche on Barrett, but Barrett takes advantage with a clubbing blow to the back. Cesaro gets tagged in, and Kingston manages to get Truth tagged in while Cesaro had him in a headlock. R-Truth controls Cesaro, and tags in Kingston, who does a crossbody on Cesaro. Kofi hits a few kicks, however, Cesaro counters and tags in Barrett, who goes after the injured arm. Barrett tags in Cesaro, and tweaks Kofi’s arm, as he fights back with a Monkey Flip. R-Truth gets tagged in, and hits the hot tag. Truth with a few clotheslines, and follows up with the Truth and Consequences, and pins Cesaro for two. Cesaro rolls out, and Truth chases him. Barrett tries to attack Truth, and Cesaro throws a European uppercut. Truth gets rolled back into the ring and kicks out at 2. Cesaro tags in Barrett, and Barrett drops Truth with a big boot! Wade pins Truth, and Truth kicks out at 2. Wade controls the head, but Truth manages to fight out, only for Wade to knock him down with a Kitchen Sink. Barrett once again pins Truth and Truth kicks out as we go to commercial.

*commercial break*

Truth is hung up in the ropes, as Truth gets booted out of the ring. Barrett tags in Cesaro, and he throws Truth into the ring. Cesaro locks on a front headlock, translating into a rear headlock. Truth fights back, however Cesaro throws a knee into the gut. Cesaro bounces to the ropes, and Truth hits the corkscrew heel kick. Antonio is trying to keep Truth from tagging Cesaro, but no dices, as Kofi and Cesaro both tag their partners. Kofi throws some of his patented clotheslines, as Wade and Kofi go at it with each other, Wade creates some separation, and tags in Cesaro. Cesaro tries for the Neutralizer as Truth takes advantage of the blind tag, and tries for the Sunset Flip. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise, and Truth gets the pinfall.

Winners: The Booming Truth
Final Move: Trouble in Paradise

Matt Striker asks for comments from the black guys. Kofi says he can’t wait to bring the thunder, and Truth says Antonio’s about to get got.

Coming up next: Update on CM Punk’s knee surgery and Mr. McMahon’s comments about the TLC Main Event.

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Raw Rebound: Mike Mizanin, Phil Brooks and the Lie Detector. Oh…and Ryback smash.

Next Week: Ryback v. Alberto Del Rio

Note about Next Week: There is a Superstorm Sandy benefit concert that will be airing at 7:30pm on ion Television. WWE Main Event will be airing at 6:30pm, and I will be on the subway ride home at that time. Either of two things will happen:

  • I will ask Jason Namako or Mr. V to recap the show for me, and provide my analysis on Thursday Evening after work


  • The recap will be posted later in the week.

    Either way, you will get a recap, or at the very least my thoughts on the show.

    Bowman’s Bulletpoints:

  • Oh man. Oh man. I’m actually pretty relieved that the match up got turned into a tag team match. It was a wonderful way to put over the faces, while still setting up Cesaro and Barrett as legitimate threats going into Brooklyn.
  • Ryback and Team Hell No v. The Shield to potentially main event TLC in Brooklyn? I hope they’re not sold out by next Thursday, because I’m SOLD. Add on Cena vs. Ziggler? LET’S DO THIS.
  • Punk did suffer a LEGIT torn meniscus. No fault to anyone, it’s an accident. However, this does provide some kind of way for the Shield to REALLY shine. So it’s a good thing all around.

    Next Time on “Main Event Hangover:” Paul Heyman: CM Punk’s Lifeline. (May not go up until the re-design.)

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