Tyson Kidd on injury, David Otunga in film, Fort Meade

Tyson Kidd talks about his injury, CM Punk dropping his name

WWE.com is featuring an interview with Tyson Kidd where he talks about suffering a recent injury and CM Punk dropping his name during a recent promo on RAW. “This is the first time in 17 years I’ve ever been injured, and this is the first time that sports-entertainment has ever been taken away from me in my life. There has never been an injury I haven’t been able to work through. I’ve never missed a day being sick. I’ve never missed a day being hurt. I guess that’s the ‘workhorse’ thing Punk talked about.” To view the full interview, click here. [WWE.com]

Photo of David Otunga in WWE Studios’ “The Call”

WWE.com is featuring a photo of David Otunga starring in the new WWE Studios film “The Call” featuring Halle Berry. To view the photo, click here. [WWE.com]

WWE honors U.S. Troops at Fort Meade on Tuesday

WWE.com is featuring an article regarding Stephanie McMahon and David Otunga visiting Fort Meade on Tuesday before the Smackdown tapings to help celebrate the opening of a new USO Center. To view the article, click here. [WWE.com]

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