Interview with Ryback, Wrestlemania 30 sweepstakes info

Interview with WWE’s Ryback

Brian Soscia passed this along.

Brian Soscia (@THEBrianSoscia) recently conducted another exclusive “B.S. Session” w/ WWE superstar Ryback (@Ryback22). To hear the interview click here:
Nothing is held back in this chat! They talk about a young Ryback growing up as a fan and the moment he realized that he wanted to be a wrestler. Ryback goes onto explain to Soscia the gimmick that he dreamt of playing as child and where he envisioned his career going. Soscia switches gears and talks about where his prior character Skip Sheffield came from and if the gimmick could have been as successful as Ryback. What was Vince McMahon’s reaction the first time he spoke to “Skip Sheffield”? The conversation continues as Soscia questions Ryback about the night the Nexxus invaded RAW and took over the show. How did he feel about it? What was he told before they went out there to tear the arena up? From there, Soscia has Ryback take us through the night he suffered a broken ankle in 3 places and a spiral broken leg. How did he get through the match? What were his post injury feelings as he laid in the ring? He also shares info on his recovery process, numerous surgeries he went through (one of which was a botched), and why he knew it was the best thing to ever happen to him. Soscia continues their conversation with a question that hits home w/ Ryback, but is never asked….How does he feel about the Bill Goldberg comparisons and chants that ring out in arenas across the globe? Brian Soscia wraps up this exclusive “B.S. Session” by talking to Ryback about the importance of being a fan before he became a wrestler. This is a very candid chat and Ryback doesn’t hold back.

To hear the interview:

Shawn Michaels announces Wrestlemania 30 sweepstakes

Carl Dantes passed this along.

Shawn Michaels is hosting a contest/sweepstakes for WrestleMania 30 with the winner getting 2 tickets to WrestleMania XXX and a 2 night hotel accommodations in New Orleans, plus a personal meet-and-greet with him. The deadline to enter is January 31, 2014.

For more details, click here.

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