WWE Main Event Results 7/24/13

WWE Main Event
July 31, 2013
Houston, Texas
Commentary Team: Josh Mathews, JBL
Report by: Clinton Bowman of RadioInfluence.com

R-Truth comes out spittin his theme song to kick off WWE Main Event for tonight! He’ll be going up against Wade Barrett in tonight’s main event on Main Event!

Main Event
Exhibition Match
R-Truth v. Wade Barrett

Mike Chioda calls for the bell, and Barrett and Truth lock up in the middle of the ring, exchanging holds. Truth sends Barrett into the ropes and Barrett knocks Truth down. Barrett picks up Truth and whips him to the ropes, however, Truth catches himself, and dances his way around Barrett, following up with an arm drag, followed by a dancing leg drop! Barrett rolls out of the ring, and Truth asks the crowd WHAT’S UP?! Barrett rolls back into the ring, and Truth takes control immediately, with multiple arm drags, until Truth gets caught by a counter from Barrett! Barrett continues to drop elbows on Truth, picking him up and whipping him to the corner. Barrett goes for a corner clothesline, but Truth kick counters, and hits a head scissors, sending Barrett out of the ring. Truth follows Barrett and charges him, only to get thrown into the steel steps. Barrett immediately escapes into the ring, and begs Chioda to count Truth out!

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Truth is getting locked into ropes with Barrett throwing Muay Thai knees at Truth’s chin. Chioda breaks them up, however, Barrett boots Truth over the ropes. Barrett slips out of the ring to pick up Truth and slam him against the barricade and apron. Wade throws Truth in the ring and covers for a 1 count. Barrett suplexes Truth and covers for 2. Truth fights back, but Truth gets a Kitchen Sink for his trouble, followed by a boot to the face. Barrett has Truth locked up in the corner, kicking him dry. Barrett sets up Truth on the turnbuckle, and clubs him several times, throws him off the corner, and covers for 2. Barrett locks in a headlock, and Truth flghts back with a few punches and a Corkscrew Axe Kick! Truth begins his comeback moment, covering Wade Barrett after a Truth and Consequences attempt, only for two. Truth attempts the Lie Detector, but Barrett dodges and hits a huge clothesline for a 2 count cover. Barrett lays into Truth in the corner, however, Truth hits the Lie Detector for the cover, but Barrett kicks out at 2.9! Truth goes up to the top, but gets hung up by Barrett. Barrett goes for a superplex, however, Truth fights out and hits a super Sunset Flip pin and only gets two. Barrett claws his way to the corner, and Truth gets tight and clobbers him. Truth charges at Barrett, but Barrett hits the Winds of Change, however, Truth kicks out at two! Barrett sets up the Bullhammer, but Truth reverses with the Little Jimmy! Barrett rolls out of the ring, and Truth goes for a dive to the outside but…


Winner via Bullhammer: Wade Barrett

Raw Rebound: Punk stalks Heyman and Curtis McAxelcutty gets his.

At SummerSlam: CM Punk v. BORK LAZER, The Best v. The Beast!

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On SmackDown: Alberto Del Rio reveals his SummerSlam Opponent

Undercard Match
Tag Team Exhibition
The Usos v. The PrimeTime Players

Jimmy and D-Young start the match. Darren tweaks Jimmy’s arm, sending him down to the mat. After some stylin, Jimmy Uso catches Darren Young with an uppercut, and an arm twist. Jimmy tags in Jey, and Darren gets his arm tweaked some more. Jey traps Darren in the corner, stylin on Titus, who is livid. Jimmy gets tagged in and he continues to work on D-Young’s arm. Titus distracted the ref, and the Usos performed some Twin Magic, with Jey coming in, getting Jimmy Uso tagged back into the ring. Darren tags in Titus and we go to commercial!

*commercial break*

Darren is back in the ring as we comeback from commercial, and The Usos keep Darren off balance with double team moves. Jimmy gets tagged in, and Darren bum rushes him into the corner and tags in Titus. Titus turns Jimmy out with a clothesline, and tags in Darren. Darren takes Jimmy out to the apron, hits a neckbreaker and tags in Titus, who covers Jimmy Uso, but Jimmy kicks out at 2. Jimmy Uso tries to fight out, but Titus maintains control over Jimmy in the middle of the ring. Jimmy fights out again, but Titus catapults him into the corner. Titus does it a second time, tags in Darren Young and suplexes Darren onto Jimmy. Darren covers Jimmy who kicks out at two. Darren maintains a headlock, but Jimmy works his way out. Darren gets Irish whipped into the ropes, and the boys have a little meeting of the minds! Both men tag their partners into the ring, and Jey Uso gets a rockin and a rollin on Titus, ending with the Stinkface before covering Titus. Darren makes the save for Titus, but the Usos send him packing. Titus gets double superkicked and Air Uso is in operation!

Winner via Air Uso: The Usos

After the match, the Usos Teach Us How to Dougie, celebrating the victory!

Up Next: The John Cena/Daniel Bryan Saga continues!

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Raw Rebound: John Cena v. Ryback in a Tables Match, Daniel Bryan makes his presence known.

At SummerSlam: John Cena defends his WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan

Undercard Match
“The Curator of the Hall of Pain” Mark Henry v. Drew McIntyre

Mark Henry shoves McIntyre into the corner, throwing McIntyre to the outside. Drew McIntyre throws a tantrum as Mark Henry trash talks McIntyre. McIntyre fights Henry off, as Henry just shrugs it off with a THAT’S WHAT I DO! McIntyre tries to chop Henry down, finally knocking him off his feet, however, Henry kicked out before the ref could count. Henry loads up the World’s Strongest Slam, McIntyre slips out, Henry loads it again, and Drew just got his ass kicked and his wig split!

Winner via World’s Strongest Slam, Doing WHAT HE DO: Mark Henry


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