In the latest edition of WWE Magazine, Vince McMahon made some interesting comments regarding CM Punk and how the “look” of a WWE star doesn’t exactly have to be the same if a successful character is already there.

“It’s easy to say from a visual standpoint that bigger is better in reference to past eras of WWF. But take The Warlord, for example. He was enormous — one of the most visually impressive Superstars we’ve had — but he couldn’t sell five tickets. He had no charisma, no ‘gift of gab,’ which is what really sets apart today’s Superstars, even if they may not be as physically intimidating. Someone like CM Punk, even though he’s a good-looking guy, isn’t built like that. He probably weighs less than I do. But today’s fans are drawn to his confidence and charisma. Those are the things a Superstar exudes, and they translate though the television set.”

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