WWE and Alberto Del Rio agree on a settlement

Former WWE star and current AAA performer Alberto Del Rio posted the following on Twitter stating that he and WWE have agreed to a settlement that would allow Del Rio to take future bookings with anyone Del Rio wishes to work with:

“I want to announce the following joint statement by me and the WWE. Following my departure from WWE, an understanding was reached with regards to my future booking opportunities. We wish each other well in our respective future endeavors.”

Lawyers of Del Rio and WWE had been going back and forth in recent months trying to reach an agreement after Del Rio’s firing by WWE for slapping former WWE social media manager Cody Barbierri. Barbierri made a racially insensitive comment about Del Rio backstage. WWE stated that Del Rio had breached the morals clause that was in his WWE contract and due to the breach, WWE was attempting to stop Del Rio from wrestling for any other company until August 2015. It is said that with the new agreement between Del Rio and WWE, Del Rio can take future bookings and both sides will not disparage the other. 

Source: PWInsider.com