WWE Hall of Famer Road Warrior Animal responded earlier today on his Facebook page to the promo from the 1/5 WWE RAW this week by The Ascension. The promo featured the new tag team ripping on The Road Warriors and Demolition.

“Wrestling fans I did not hear the Ascension promo I don’t want to hear it I don’t care to hear it. It’s the Wrestling business. When we started we tore up the Funks and Briscoes it has to be done, they need to get on Hawk and I or it means nothing. What are they going to say watch out Mulkeys? They will have a hard time getting over they way it is if slamming the Road Warriors helps them then great! Everyone was worried at first with Demolition and I said they are my friends and I hope they make it. It was respect. Everyone knows often unstated never duplicated. The only thing missing is common RESPECT. Nothing else needs to be said. No biggie. Oh What a Rush!”