WWE COO Triple H took part in a conference call with members of the wrestling media on Wednesday to talk about NXT and this Saturday’s TakeOver: Brooklyn live special on the WWE Network. Here are some highlights from the call:

* Triple H talked about how he wasn’t a fan at first of having NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn at the Barclays Center, but after it had quickly sold out the original setup for 6,000 seats at the venue, they decided to go with a full seating setup. The sell out for TakeOver:Brooklyn speaks to the excitement of the NXT brand and the future of WWE.

* Triple H ran down the card then noted that the entire card will be not be on the Network. At 7:30 PM ET, matches will be filmed for a 90-minute episode of WWE NXT that will air next week and then at 9:00 PM ET, the live special will begin airing.

* Announcment of a Fan Experience to be held at the Performance Center on September 28, open to 40 fans. Fans who take part will get a full tour of the Performance Center, Q&A sessions, a chance to witness the different NXT training classes, a chance to take part in promo class and work on promotional videos and finally, an exclusive NXT event for them and members of NXT staff. Tickets go on-sale this Monday (8/24) at 12PM ET.

* Question on if WWE is looking to do NXT TakeOver specials before major WWE PPVs. Triple H mentioned that he prefers now to piggyback the TakeOver specials onto major WWE PPV events that have a week-long experience. Touted the NXT panels this Saturday morning in Brooklyn.

* Triple H touted the fact of WWE selling out Barclays Center three nights in a row and that not many other entertainment entities can do that.

* Triple H noted that despite what online viewers might say about WWE and NXT raiding the indy scene, he doesn’t cherry pick anywhere, he just wants talented people, no matter wherever they come from.

* Triple H touted the success of the recent call-ups to the main roster of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte, says he feels like a proud dad watching them get called up and being showcased on the main roster.

* Triple H shot down the belief that NXT is targeting ROH with running head-to-head with them both this weekend and next month in Texas. Said that other companies piggy-back off major WWE events, so it makes sense for them to do the same thing as part of their discovery process with the NXT brand. Said he was unaware ROH was running Texas when they decided to have NXT do a live event loop of Texas, same goes for running TakeOver in Brooklyn, as it was the best decision for WWE business, nothing more than that.

* Question was asked about the ongoing rumors of a possible partnership between WWE/NXT and WWN, run by Gabe Sapolsky. Triple H didn’t really answer the question, but said that they are looking for quality events that can help support their overall business. The indy scene and other entities are under WWE are important to the health of the business. He doesn’t want to see anyone fail, but will do what’s best for WWE’s business. If it affects another companies’ business plan, he can’t help that because his primary job is to grow WWE’s business.

* Triple H talked about the sell out for NXT in Brooklyn and noted that they are looking at taking NXT international and “the UK is going to be very exciting”, then joked that the unternet just exploded.

* Triple H talked about going to Vince McMahon once a month and being excited at telling him what’s been going on with NXT.

* Triple H noted that there’s no real rulebook for NXT in terms of the roster and how that NXT wrestlers that are called up to the main roster may still be able to be on NXT TV, as well as showcasing talent that isn’t currently getting a spotlight on the WWE main roster, bringing up examples of when Tyson Kidd and Cesaro were used on NXT while being on the main roster.

That ended the call.