WWE sends out survey regarding viewing habits for RAW

WWE Fan Council sent out a survey on Tuesday inquiring about viewer habits for Monday Night RAW just weeks after the show saw viewers drop to record lows.

Some of the questions asked included:

* How often people typically watch RAW.

* What other streaming services they subscribe to.

* How their viewing habits have changed compared to the past.

* How they watch RAW (live vs. DVR).

* If they check before RAW airs to see which superstars will be appearing.

* Who else in the household watches WWE.

* Reasons why they might fast forward/change the channel during specific segments.

* If they switch over to Monday Night Football on ESPN.

* What segments they prefer (matches, angles, video packages, etc).

* If advertising matches ahead of time would make them tune in at a specific hour.

* How they would rate the show overall.

* How much time they devote watching (one hour, two hours or the entire show).

Source: The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online

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