Bray Wyatt injury

WWE issued the following statement on Wednesday night commenting on the injury Bray Wyatt suffered early into his main event match against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns on Wednesday in Milan, Italy.

“Bray Wyatt suffered a right calf injury on Wednesday, has learned. The injury came during Wyatt’s match on the first Live Event of WWE’s European tour in Milan, Italy. Check back with for updates on this developing story.”

You can view video posted to Facebook just moments after Wyatt suffered the calf injury in our report from earlier today.


  1. What I found ironic is Luke Harper is the only one of The Wyatt Family to have held any title (he’s a former Intercotinetal Champion) despite Bray Wyatt being the leader and yet they mentioned Bray instead of Luke even though he was injured first. WWE Logic I guess.

  2. As much as I love Bray, if he’s out for awhile, it’s just as well, since the ‘E has absolutely no idea what to do with him. Maybe a break would allow them to refocus and get his direction right.

  3. Too many wrestlers get injured at these stupid irrelevant house shows. Rollins title reign ended because of a pointless match with Kane continuing a feud nobody cared for at one of those things!

  4. they seriously need to cut down these live events hell they got RAW, NXT and Smackdown there’s really no need for em tbh

  5. When you have this many stars out with injuries, it’s a sign it is time to cut back on the amount of house shows this company is running. Find better ways to bring in revenue, rather than beating your talent down.

  6. 11 by my count.
    Bryan, Cena, Orton, Cesaro, Rowan, Neville, Harper, Sting, Rollins, Barrett, and now Wyatt makes 11. 12 if you count Hideo Itami on NXT.

  7. Did someone make a WWE voodoo doll or something where every time a pin is stuck in it, another wrestler goes out injured?

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