Eric Young

WWE has posted an interview with former TNA star Eric Young talking about making his debut at the NXT TV tapings for the WWE Network on Thursday night in Winter Park, Florida at Full Sail University. You can check out the clip below.


  1. Very happy to see these great TNA orignals come to NXT. 🙂
    i hope to see roode soon in WWE ring

  2. TNA is finished. They’re 15 minutes of fame is almost up to the point where no one will even care much less remember them and this is coming from a guy who wanted them to be better than WWE seeing as WWE has gotten bad from 2014-2015 and 2016 ain’t seemingly no better. Unless TNA gets more big superstars,have more tv time like WWE and make yearly video games (like WWE too) they cannot hope to survive.

  3. Don’t write TNA off just yet, When all WWE’s big names jumped ship to WCW it ended up creating stars like “The Rock” and “D-X” not saying that will happen for TNA…but it might?

  4. I think this may be the wrong move for WWE. It’s too many established indie/TNA stars too fast. NXT should be where new talent is made, but that seems to be second to stocking the roster with established talent from TNA/ROH. I always think about what Paul Heyman said about ROH when he was asked about what he would have done if he had taken over the reigns. He said that he would bring in one established name and use that person to help build up all the new and up-coming talent that were already there. Once you bring in two, three, four or more, it becomes about those guys and the new talent pretty much become jobbers to the established stars.

    WWE is grabbing some great talent, but now those names will take up a large portion of the NXT TV time, and when any of them get called up to the main roster, there is only a set amount of TV time and space on the main roster and cuts to people who have been there a while, or those who were never given a real chance to shine are going to end up happening. Balor, Joe, Aries, Styles, Rude, Storm, Anderson & Gallows and even The Dudleys are all great signings, but with them all in… someone’s going to go out. I fear this is the end for a lot of guys like Fandango (just repackage him, he’s talented), Sandow (what the hell did he do to always get buried), Darren Young, Adam Rose. Even some of the NXT call-ups have fallen to the way-side which is sad to see the transition isn’t as easy as they hoped.

    The Good: WWE and NXT are going to have one of the most talented rosters to date

    The Bad: A lot of guys we have always pulled for to get that break (Ryder) are just going to play second fiddle to these guys, or they are going to get their walking papers.

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