CM Punk

Former WWE star Phil “CM Punk” Brooks made an appearance on “The Herd” with Colin Cowherd on Tuesday to discuss his transition from WWE to UFC and why he was happy to be done traveling full-time on the road with WWE.

Punk, who makes his UFC debut at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall on September 10, described WWE treating wrestlers as “indentured servants” and why he would have committed himself to MMA back in 2011 had he not re-signed with WWE.

You can check out a clip of his appearance below courtesy of The Herd.


  1. What I don’t get is why he ever went into pro wrestling in the first place. Its clear from the way he talks about it that MMA has always been his passion, so what was the point of a 20 year wrestling career that even he considers pointless?

  2. Quit covering this smug “I am now above WWE”, aptly named Punk. Let him play out his publicity stunt in MMA in silence, and please spare us from his continuous whining.

  3. Like Steven said, just skip to the next article and don’t click on the Punk one’s if you’re not interested. My guess is you don’t click on every single link if it’s about a promotion you don’t watch (perhaps ROH or New Japan) or one you can get on your tv or whichever way you watch so why the need to click on the Punk related one’s if you’re not interested? Brock and Lashley both got covered in MMA as well because it is related to wrestling (well known wrestling personality) and WV is allowed on their site to talk Wrestling related news.

    Plus, based on the comments on the Punk related articles, the numbers prove their is more interest (whether that is good or bad) in Punk activity than GFW, TNA, ROH and many times WWE related articles as well.

    So again, perhaps just don’t click?

  4. He grew up a big wrestling fan before MMA was really a thing. Working for WWE and UFC’s ascension cured him of that. Like WWE is apparently curing a lot of fans, and some other wrestlers as well, going by their current ratings.

  5. Quitting a job he hated, working for people he hated to try a new challenge. Ever quit a job you hated?

  6. Dude, I do not know why I hear CM Punk’s voice whenever I read one of your posts. You write what I consider well thought out posts, too.

  7. Like Cyber said. You gotta remember, MMA only happened because of UFC coming to life and UFC 1 didnt happen until 1993 and it was all mixed back then into 1 division and class, the Superfight Division (weight divisions were later). CM Punk was already 15 when UFC 1 happened and he did backyard wrestling and all years later and officially entered wrestling in 1999, 6 years after UFC debuted. UFC was only up to around UFC 20 at the time and it was still unknown if MMA was going to become what it is today

  8. So you’ve had the same job all your life? Never left a job to find a better one?
    Even if that’s true, suppose your current employers started treating you badly. And instead of giving you a raise they even cut your pay. You wouldn’t even think of leaving that job to find a better one? You’d stay in a job you hated forever, live a miserable life, and never consider looking for better job or career because others whose opinions don’t effect your life might think of you as a quitter? I find that hard to believe.

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