Team USA

Over the last month there has begun a craze of big International style matches and tournaments that have become very popular on the internet.

First was AAA’s “Lucha World Cup” in June with stars from all over the world converging in Mexico for a single elimination trios (6-man tag team) tournament which was won by the American team representing Lucha Underground.

Then, Lucha Libre ELITE held a single elimination singles tournament at the end of June featuring stars from America, Mexico, Japan, UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Tonga, and other nations which ended up with a Canada (Michael Elgin) vs. Mexico (Volador Jr.) finals with Elgin winning it for Canada. Friday night CMLL held its “Gran Prix Internacional” tournament which was a 16-man Team Mexico vs. Team International elimination style match featuring stars from CMLL facing stars from all over the world.

WWE will hold its own version of that “Gran Prix” style match on the fourth of July with a 16-man elimination tag team match featuring Team USA vs. Team World on RAW. WWE has yet to announce the participants on either side as of yet. That match will join Dean Ambrose vs. The Miz in a World Champion vs. Intercontinental Champion match and Rusev defending the WWE United States Championship against Titus O’Neil for a special “Star Spangled” edition of RAW on the fourth.


  1. Oh wow, I think I’m actually excited to see what happens on Raw. That’s a feeling I usually only get once a year (the day after Mania, lol).

  2. Same here, like WrestleMania14.

    Say is this going to be kind of similar to NJPW’s Dome Show?

  3. Interesting to see if Vince sucks up to fans in attendance and has USA win or as he used to do and have the hometown or home country hero do the job. I don’t think he’d dare have USA lose though

  4. I have to admit, as an American, that it gets old watching WWE job out the foreign talents (or those playing the foreigner role).

  5. I miss the days when Cesaro was new and came in with his anti-American shtick. Looking at a hot dog and calling Americans disgusting fat pigs before slapping it away. I wish they had somebody doing that again. It’s always fun.

  6. It will be interesting to see if they put faces like Cesaro and Sami Zayn on Team World or if they’ll make it literally USA are all faces and Team World are all heels.

  7. How do we even know this’ll be the Raw roster only? They could be incorporating guys from NXT or the Cruiserweight tournament.

  8. sounds interesting the 16 man elimination tag match that is cuz we all know Titus not beating Rusev who has become what Brock Lesnar needs to become…entertaining if not dominant and Dean vs. Miz might get interrupted by Seth

  9. Rusev does that every time he enters the ring while the “Ravishing” Lana talks us all down like we are a bunch of stupid five year olds. One anti-American character/stable at a time is good for me. We don’t need another one.

  10. I’d prefer Cesaro or Sheamus in the role. Rusev is easier to dismiss since he’s meant to be this f’kin Eastern bloc monster. He also can’t talk about disgusting fat Americans the same way somebody like Cesaro could.

  11. That’s why Lana did all of the talking for Rusev. As for Sheamus or Cesaro, they were okay as heels, but not comparable to the anti-American Bulgarian brute Rusev.

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