Dana White

The Fight Network is featuring video of an interview with UFC President Dana White on Friday following the UFC 200 weigh ins during a big fight weekend in Las Vegas.

White was asked about his negotiations with WWE and how everything went down to get Brock Lesnar, a contracted WWE star, on the card for UFC 200 tonight.

“It was Brock’s team, me, Vince (McMahon) and Triple H. Yeah, I mean, Brock Lesnar just weighed in up on stage and he’s fighting here (Saturday) night. It went great. Listen, Vince and I have had our ups and downs. You know, Vince is a tough character to deal with. He’s an animal. It’s one of the things that I respect about him. I think he’s loosening up a bit on the UFC.”

When asked if WWE would have any kind of promotional presence on UFC 200 later tonight, White did confirm that would be taking place and wanted to reciprocate with WWE allowing Lesnar to fight this weekend. He noted WWE streaming the weigh ins live on Friday. White talking about WWE and Lesnar begins after the 3:00 mark.