WWE Draft

WWE.com has posted an article on Sunday revealing the official rules for the upcoming WWE Draft special that takes place live this Tuesday night (July 19) during Smackdown.

The rules provided by WWE for the draft is as follows:

* RAW will get the first overall pick on Tuesday night.

* With Smackdown being a two hour show and RAW being a three hour show, for every two picks Smackdown picks up, RAW will receive three picks.

* Tag teams will count as one pick unless a Commissioner or General Manager “specifically wants one member of the team.”

* Six draft picks will come from the current NXT roster.

The article also includes a full list of WWE stars eligible for the draft. It is interesting to note that Brock Lesnar is included on the list and The Undertaker’s name was left off.┬áNames also not listed are┬átalent out with injuries including Luke Harper, Emma and Nikki Bella.


  1. No sorry read what it says it quite obvious that raw is an additional hour so it’s roster will be bigger that just a fact……..

  2. Don’t rush to that judgement, there’s an exception to the rule about tag teams and they wouldn’t have made the exception if they weren’t going to use it.

  3. Yeah I know but thus far lol. Known for Vince he will spilt them cos he doesn’t know what is good. I’ll be upset if they spilt up

  4. Interesting that Luke Harper’s name wasn’t include considering it was rumored he would be on his own rather than the Wyatt Family.

  5. Wait, the champions are eligible? So what happens if Dean Ambrose goes to Raw and retains at Battleground? Can no one from Smackdown challenge for the title?

  6. There’s also going to be one or two “double picks” meaning they get picked for Raw/Smackdown, then get picked again for the other brand. Those in my opinion are just time wasters.

  7. I watch these from time to time on HULU the next day… Smackdown is usually 1 hr 27 minutes give or take a minute or two… RAW is always 1 hr 30 minutes. I realize RAW lasts longer on TV but the fact is the shows are almost identical in time once you get rid of the commercials.

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