WWE Draft

WWE.com has posted an article on Sunday revealing the official rules for the upcoming WWE Draft special that takes place live this Tuesday night (July 19) during Smackdown.

The rules provided by WWE for the draft is as follows:

* RAW will get the first overall pick on Tuesday night.

* With Smackdown being a two hour show and RAW being a three hour show, for every two picks Smackdown picks up, RAW will receive three picks.

* Tag teams will count as one pick unless a Commissioner or General Manager “specifically wants one member of the team.”

* Six draft picks will come from the current NXT roster.

The article also includes a full list of WWE stars eligible for the draft. It is interesting to note that Brock Lesnar is included on the list and The Undertaker’s name was left off. Names also not listed are talent out with injuries including Luke Harper, Emma and Nikki Bella.