Eva Marie

WWE star Eva Marie (Natalie Coyle) issued the following statement on her official Instagram page on Saturday commenting on her suspension from WWE.

Marie was suspended for 30 days by WWE on Thursday in her first violation of the company’s wellness policy and was pulled from SummerSlam as a result.

Marie revealed in the statement that she violated the program over not turning in “portions of required paperwork” and respects the company for upholding the policy.

You can check out her full statement below.


  1. Didn’t turn in her paperwork??? How does drug testing work in WWE? In every job I’ve had, drug testing was either done on sight or, if you had to go to an outside lab yourself, the results were sent directly to the employer. I’ve never heard of employees being responsible for turning in their own drug test results because that leaves it open to falsification. Well this IS WWE we’re talking about who looks the other way when certain scumbags violate their “wellness policy”.
    *cough Roid Lesnar cough*

  2. The paperwork may relate to places she plans on being outside of WWE business in the coming months, so that if her name came up on the testing schedule they’d know where to find her.
    It’s not as common knowledge as you might expect but this sort of information is usually part of the requirement for any drug testing procedure.
    It could also relate to paperwork for a TUE, or even medical history records so that any anomalies can be recognised.
    The wellness policy isn’t just about drug testing in the moment, it covers a hell of a lot more than that.

  3. If I learned anything from watching one of Kamala’s videos is that WWE will fine a few people on drugs but that’s for people they don’t care for Roman Reigns (surprisingly),Alberto Del Rio,Paige,and Eva Marie. But if you’re on drugs and then the WWE likes you they will protect you (Brock Lesnar is a perfect example).

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