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Multiple wrestling media sources are now confirming an original story by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer that made the rounds regarding a confrontation taking place backstage at SummerSlam between Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho following the conclusion of the Lesnar vs. Randy Orton main event on Sunday night.

Although the “TKO” ending of Lesnar vs. Orton left many wondering if things went as planned, these same reports indicated the finish went exactly as scripted. However, it appears these plans were kept pretty quiet and Chris Jericho apparently took issue with the finish regarding the blood loss of Orton to close the show in Brooklyn.

According to reports, Jericho went to the gorilla position backstage to check on Orton and was described as being visibly upset that Orton may have been legitimately injured. When Lesnar reached the backstage area, it is believed he overheard comments by Jericho leading to a full blown and heated confrontation between the two.

While a variety of things have been reported on in regards to a war of words between Lesnar and Jericho, at one point Lesnar appeared to almost challenge Jericho and Jericho didn’t back down. Vince McMahon and Triple H reportedly had to get involved to calm things down. One report indicated that Lesnar told Jericho to either punch him or kiss him.

Lesnar was not at RAW last night in Brooklyn as he flew home in the morning.

Sources: The Wrestling Observer,


  1. Say what you will about Jericho, but the man won’t back down from some bullshit. It wouldn’t have ended pretty like the Goldberg incident, but it would’ve been no less impressive.

  2. That is exactly what I was thinking. Y2J is anything but a soft premodana. He is a legit Dont F with me guy. Many forget his father was a hockey player. Do not let those scarfs fool you

  3. There are better ways to pass this as a joke. Sounded more like an homophobic lame joke more than anything.

  4. Basically Jericho is a stand-up guy, and Lesnar has shown several times that he is a selfish, bully/Jerk not to mention a roid abuser! WWE needs to ask themselves if this guy is really worth the headache and limited dates that he brings?

  5. Don’t forget the story about Scott Hall giving Jericho shit in WCW and Scott Norton told Jericho that if he didn’t stand up to him, Norton was going to, which would make Jericho look like a pussy. So Jericho went and got in Hall’s face and Hall backed down.

  6. Has everyone forgot about the time Jericho took on a crowd of people?! The guy doesn’t back down from anything!

  7. Much respect for Jericho… not only he stayed to push the young talents he also legitimately stood up for his co-worker.
    It’s no secret that Brock does not have any friends backstage and only Y2J got the guts to confront him.
    That being said, i feel that finish was too much and i think from the looks on his face, even Brock himself was shocked at the damage he did to Randy .
    Hope Randy will recover soon.

  8. HA, stick it to him Y2J!!! Say it for all of us & the locker room!! You the man!! Roid Lesnar is the prima donna in this confrontation!

  9. I’ve been saying all along that he isn’t the cash cow he’s been made out to be and I’d like to see some hard numbers to prove this overpaid @sshole really is worth the millions they’re paying him.

  10. Right!! I didn’t forget about it although it was aimed mostly at one odious bitch who spat in his face.

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