Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio (Jose Rodriguez) held a press conference on Friday afternoon in Mexico City to address his recent departure from WWE and his future in wrestling going forward.

WWE announced on Friday morning that they had “mutually agreed upon the terms” of Del Rio’s release from the company before the press conference took place.

Here are a few highlights courtesy of The Wrestling Observer and SuperLuchas.

* The banner at the press conference identified Del Rio as Alberto El Patron.

* Del Rio said he didn’t feel comfortable in WWE and thought about leaving for months.

* He said he wasn’t happy with his second run in the company and was losing his passion for wrestling with WWE, adding he felt he did everything and has nothing left to prove.

* Del Rio revealed WWE’s 90 day no-compete clause doesn’t apply to him and he’s now free to work in Mexico. He added he would be able to work in the U.S. very soon.

* He stated he is currently in negotiations with AAA, CMLL and Elite, but didn’t want to be exclusive to any promotion. Del Rio said he only wants to work 60 matches a year and has already started to consider retirement from pro wrestling in the next two years.

* Del Rio said he wanted to return to Arena Mexico and his keeping his options open for opportunities outside of wrestling. This includes doing commentary and possibly getting involved with the management side of an MMA promotion.

* He did not address his 30 day suspension from WWE.

* WWE star Paige (Del Rio’s girlfriend) was in attendance.