Royal Rumble

During tonight’s 12/27 WWE Smackdown Live from Chicago, AJ Styles successfully retained the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin in a triple threat match.

Earlier in the night, John Cena made his return in his first appearance on WWE television since October stating he planned to challenge the winner of the main event at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV for the WWE Championship.

With Styles retaining the title, WWE made it official for the Royal Rumble on January 29 in San Antonio as Styles will defend the WWE Championship against Cena inside the Alamodome in a little over four weeks.

You can check out a clip of the close segment of Smackdown below courtesy of WWE.


  1. I really like the build for Cena vs AJ because for the first time in a long time, I am interested in seeing Cena win the title again. He is in the best we have ever seen so I anticipate him staying around more frequently should he win the title

  2. More and more of the people I thought would be in the Rumble will not be. Looking more like it will be a Rollins win…

  3. Not necessarily. If they lose their match, they can still enter the Rumble….. look at Owens last year… he lost his match for the IC title and still entered the rumble

  4. Losing an IC title match and entering the Rumble is a bit different to losing a World/Universal title match and entering, though that has also been done before (the one that springs immediately to mind is Kurt Angle when he beat up Nunzio and stole his number)

  5. Even with some possible NXT appearances or surprising returns, I don’t think there enough guys on the roster to keep Reigns and Cena out of the Rumble. It’s likely they’ll be pulling double-duty.

  6. I forgot about that. If HHH wins, I honestly will consider not renewing my Network subscription. I don’t want to see anyone over 45 y/o in main event title matches year after year. Especially when they could use so many of the NXT guys.

  7. I’m guessing Cena will win the title at some PPV before Mania, only because I doubt that WWE has enough confidence that Styles would be able to be a draw in the biggest show of the year. They always seem to go back to HHH, Rock, Cena, or Taker.

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