Former WWE Divas Champion Paige

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige is backstage at today’s WWE Monday Night RAW taping in Tampa, Florida. JJ Williams of The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online tweeted photos of Paige arriving along with her fiance and former WWE star Alberto Del Rio.

Williams noted in a tweet that Paige was telling fans she was getting her neck checked out by WWE’s medical staff. Paige has been out of the ring with WWE since June and underwent surgery on her neck back in October.

She was suspended by WWE for 30 days in August and then suspended for a second time in October shortly before her neck surgery for 60 days.


  1. …you know, i HONESTLY would not be surprised if Alberto Del Rio comes back down the line. I love both Paige and Del Rio and would LOVE to see them both more often.

  2. I doubt Del Rio would come back. WWE did nothing with him during his last 2 runs, and Del Rio wanted out. If anything, the company kinda ruined both him and Wade Barrett after that horrible jobber group “League Of Nations”. He’s better off sticking with the independants, or perhaps a run with New Japan might be interesting.

  3. Boy these two are inseparable. I wonder what’s going to happen once Paige is back on the road full time?

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