Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista aka former WWE star Batista took to Twitter to respond to a tweet sent his way referring to his last run with WWE as a “complete waste.”

Batista, who will star in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” this May, seemed to take exception to the tweet that has since been deleted.

You can view his response below.


  1. Critics will always think they’re right even when they’re wrong. Batista’s last run was mis-managed by WWE. Not by Dave!!! Maybe if WWE would stop scripting everything!!! Things would be better not worse!!!

  2. Evokution?
    Well, Batista’s typo aside, he’s absolutely right. A lot of fans hate him but, personally speaking, I always liked Batista. I think it’s great that out of a group which had Ric Flair, HHH, & Randy Orton the 3rd generation wrestler creative gave a hard push to, Batista, the #4 guy who creative just had as a one-dimensional bruiser, ended up being the most over wrestler in Evolution. As for his last run, like any wrestler in WWE today, how much they’re over or how much of a quality run they have is mostly dependent on the incompetent doofi in creative. And boy do they suck at their jobs! THEY should shoulder the blame for the lack of enthusiasm Batista got re-entering WWE just like they drove him back out with their stringent limitations of the PG Era and with the way they mismanaged Daniel Bryan’s career which led them to mismanaging Batista’s return as well.

    If Batista can get steady work in his acting career then he should stay with that & let WWE stay mired down in the PG Era—Reality Era–New Era–or whatever they’re calling this current thing.
    I still love you Dave. See you in Guardians of the Galaxy 2,3, & Marvel’s other cinematic ventures. And beyond.

  3. To me, WWE dropped the ball on his return, but to constantly say he ‘put over’ other stars just shows that he still believes he is above most of the roster. The term ‘put over’ to me shows someone who is at a much higher level giving an up-and-comer a break. Daniel Bryan was way over at the time and one of their biggest draws. The Shield as well. At their prime they were huge. So Batista putting over those two lesser stars/group was called doing his job. Poor guy. Another victim of his own ego I think. He’s right up there with Lex, Sid and others who really believed they were bigger than the business.

  4. But that’s not the full definition of put over in wrestling – it was said all the time how The Brooklyn Brawler put everyone over AND I dare say he wasn’t the higher level talent? Batista did come back and lose about as much as he won and compare that others who returned (Lesnar comes to mind) and barely lose a match and when it was said they approached him and were big on his return, like Lesnar, Dave could have said, I’m not putting this next generation over this much. I’m no Batista fan and enjoy him more in movies than in the ring but not sure how you can say he didn’t put them (and even Del Rio who we can see does have an ego and was a mid-talent at the time) over more than some returning talent would. I have also watched a few short interviews and this dude doesn’t have a Lugar or Sid (or even RVD or Hogan) ego in anyway. He talks about how I wasn’t the best and was lucky at my age to get such a break. BTW, when Jericho say’s I’m happy to put this or that person over (many who are bigger names then him), which he does, do you view it the same way?

  5. Ps. I to agree that WWE dropped the ball on his return but I think he made some missteps and assumptions about the return as well!

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