Rock 'n' Roll Express reaction

Tweets from the wrestling industry reacting to the news that broke on Monday afternoon regarding The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express being announced for the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame during WrestleMania 33 weekend in Orlando.

Ricky Morton

Jim Cornette

Seth Rollins

Scott Dawson

Bubba Ray Dudley

Karl Anderson


  1. Big 80s team in the NWA and southern state territories in the 80s. They’re big feud was with the Midnight Express.

  2. Ok, so they were a big-name tag team in the 80’s, OUTSIDE of the WWF though. What about the actual tag teams that worked for the company, that helped make the company what it was, that have yet to be inducted? Demolition first & foremost, who continue to get shit on. They were the biggest name in 80’s tag team wrestling. I’d even put The Rougeau Brothers, The Powers Of Pain, and even the original Hart Foundation in there before looking outside the company. Hell, the friggin Bushwackers even got inducted. Makes the HOF kinda look non legit.

  3. Well, WWE pretty much owns all of wrestling history now and these guys were the Rockers/Hart Foundation of the NWA. NWA was different and these guys were huge stars. You also have to remember, some old stars don’t want the HOF (I know, it’s crazy, but some say no and holdout for a bigger payout) and some are fed up with WWE as they don’t get royalties for the Network. Also, a lot of people burned bridges with the McMahons and now Triple H is trying to mend those and bring in the people he and the McMahons feel deserving. They also need to spread it out. I think every year should break down like this…

    – Current Era Star (last 20 years)
    – Classic Era Star (80’s-90’s)
    – Golden Era Star (50’s-70’s)
    – 1 Tag Team
    – 1 Woman
    – 1 Manager and/or announcer
    – 1 Headline Superstar (former champion)

    And these should cover over the WWF, WWE, WCW, NWA, AWA, WCCW, ECW and Memphis. It’s hard to fit them all in. ECW has never had a star go in, some stars go in having never wrestled for WWE, but they were big. I agree that I think Rick Rude, and Demolition should be in. Bushwhackers were legendary in New Zealand and were a legit, hardcore heel team with some amazing matches for years prior to WWF. They had a solid career, but most only remember the cartoon characters they played in WWF, which was only a drop in the bucket. WWE HOF is showing the real history now, and if you were going to take a team from the NWA, Rock & Roll Express, Midnight Express, The Russians and others totally deserve to go in. They out-wrestled teams like The Rougeaus, the Killer Bees and Strike Force 24-7.

  4. Demolition are a part of the huge concussion lawsuit, if I’m not mistaken. If that is the case, they won’t get inducted until they remove themselves from that situation.

  5. Just looked at a list of the plaintiffs in that case, and Demolition (Barry Darsow & Bill Eadie) are indeed on the list. So there’s your reason for their lack of induction into the HOF.

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