Jack Swagger

WWE issued the following statement to Wrestleview.com this afternoon responding to comments by Jack Swagger that he requested and received his release from WWE.

“Jack Swagger has not been granted a release from his WWE contract.¬† When he is granted his release, Jack Swagger will remain under exclusive contract to WWE for 90 days and will be compensated accordingly during that period.”

As reported earlier, Swagger stated on Chael Sonnen’s podcast that he requested his release from WWE as of February 28 and described it as an “ongoing process right now.” Swagger said he had been in the middle of negotiations with WWE about a new contract and¬†described the company as being “way off” with a renewal offer.


  1. I wonder if he has an agent? Also where do you guys think he SHOULD be paid (like what pay range).

  2. To Be Honest I Thought WWE Released Jack Swagger Back In January Since That Was The Last He Was On WWE Tv
    (Last Match Jan 9th Jinder Mahal vs. Jack Swagger)

  3. They stupidly put the world title on him a few years ago, when he was in my opinion probably the least deserving of it in the 16 years I’ve been watching wrestling besides Great Khali. Because of that, he probably thinks that he is worth a pretty penny, but in terms of how the fans perceive him, I’d say the is Heath Slater / Curtis Axel tier, which is probably the money they offered him.

  4. No The Jinder Mahal Was His Last Match I Thought It Was Baron Corbin But That Feud Happened Back In October Last Year (I Looked It Up)

  5. Swagger isn’t the hottest product in the world, but he was misused during his time. Very poor on the mic, but during his face run the “we, the people” gimmick got really over with Colter. It only fizzled for two reasons:

    1) Not enough investment in it, feeding him to other talents without letting him regain ground.
    2) Not having him present enough on TV while on his face run.

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