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The Rock on Samoa Joe

Whilst filming for upcoming wrestling movie Fighting with my Family, based on WWE superstar Paige, The Rock spent time with superstars back stage during RAW. One such superstar was Samoa Joe, who The Rock took time to show respect to via Instagram

Been following this man's wrestling career for years now. I'm very happy to see him (finally) in the WWE making a global name for himself. Many wrestling and fight historians will attest to this, that at one time in 1970's, pro wrestlers were some of the biggest and toughest men on the planet. Well before UFC and MMA made its worldwide footprint, there was a hard core wrestling style derived from "Catch wrestling" which then spawned lots of shoot styles in wrestling training. Samoa Joe reminds me of that rare legit tough MF throwback style of wrestler. Happy for him and his family. It's his time. He's earned it and one day we'll be referring to him as WWE World Champ. Keep kickin' ass Uso. #SamoaJoe #FutureChamp #Backstage #RAW

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Vote for the most iconic crowd chant has a new poll asking fans to vote for the most iconic crowd chant. The likes of “what?” “yes!” “woo!” and more are available to choose from.


  1. They didn’t put ECW! ECW! ECW!! on the list, that would have won in a landslide, that’s why they didn’t put it on, WWEvil always has to rewrite history in their favor, what a bunch of assholes!

  2. I vote WOOO! Every fan, everywhere, no matter the company shouts “WOOO!” whenever anyone does a knife-edge chop. Even fans in Japan who traditionally don’t cheer that often. Now that’s some international staying power.

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