During tonight’s 3/5 WWE Fastlane PPV live in Milwaukee, Goldberg defeated Kevin Owens in 21 seconds in the main event to become the new WWE Universal Champion.

Chris Jericho’s music hit and he walked out on stage distracting Owens allowing Goldberg to hit a spear and later a Jackhammer to get the pinfall victory.

Goldberg will now defend the WWE Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar in four weeks at WrestleMania 33 live in Orlando at Camping World Stadium.

You can check out a clip of the match below courtesy of WWE.


  1. This Was so predictable. When Kevin Owens beat up Chris Jericho I knew he would interfere in this match

  2. So with Goldberg carrying the Universal title into Wrestlemania, will Lesnar be winning it then sitting at home for months at a time with the title on his coat rack again like he did with the WWE title?
    Most likely. Oh well it’s pretty much a joke title anyway so let them devalue it even more.
    You’re all idiots, WWE writing team.

  3. Wasnt too predictable… I guessed 1:15 for the match lol.

    Everything else was predictable though

  4. remember the old days when someone won the title there was a big celebration, fireworks, baloons….now a days…pat on the back and tumbs up!

  5. more shtty garbage from the waste of fkn space goldberg. training 6 days a week to manage 20 secs in a fkn match. thanks for another waste of my hard earned money, WWE, you fkn clowns.

  6. WWE writers are foolish- You have Oldsberg yeah that’s what I call him basically comeback from a 10 year hiatus and squash your 2 biggest stars in Brock Lesnar and Kevin Owens- real smart WWE real smart.

  7. none of the titles are important any more are you kidding me- within a given year the title changes hands a minimum 5 times.

  8. I honestly expected and damn near bet money that Lesner would interfere and COST Goldberg that match. This match and Orton turning on Bray were both terribly done

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