AJ Styles Alumni

AJ Styles moved to WWE Alumni section

After being fired by Daniel Bryan as part of yesterday’s Smackdown episode, WWE.com has removed Styles from their Smackdown Live page and he can now be found on the WWE Alumni section. This has led to this headline on WWE.com .

AJ’s superstar page still currently has a Smackdown Live logo, but he is not featured on the Smackdown superstar page as of this writing.

After attacking Shane McMahon, is AJ Styles fired or on his way to WrestleMania?

This will likely be addressed during next week’s Smackdown Live.

Up Up Down Down Milestone

Up Up Down Down, the gaming YouTube channel ran by Xavier Woods, reached a milestone this week reaching one million subscribers. Besides offering standard gaming content, Xavier frequently has wrestling personalities on his channel for casual, out of character gaming and chat sessions as well as gaming tournaments featuring WWE superstars.

In celebration of reaching one million subscribers, WWE Chief Branding Officer Stephanie McMahon is scheduled to appear in a future video.


  1. Up up down is….probably one of my favorite YouTube channels currently and it helps me care about the men and women that are these characters.

    Seth Rollins being kind of a dumb jock madden player.

    Rusev actually having a strong akuma.

    Big Show knowing a….VAST amount about destiny. (probably my fav).

    Also its funny that the locker room in wwe (and wrestling in general) went from partying and drugs to video games .

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