WrestleMania 32 attendance

WrestleMania 32 attendance disputed

According to an article by Fightful.com, WrestleMania 32 attendance figures for last year in Dallas at AT&T Stadium are being disputed. WWE had claimed an attendance figure of 101,763 fans last year, while the Arlington Police Department stated that 80,709 fans went through the turnstiles at the stadium last April.

Figures released by WWE stated paid attendance was in the range of 73,000-86,000 fans. One figure not in dispute was the $17.3 million gate that WWE drew at the stadium, a new record and the biggest gate in pro wrestling history.

Cena to appear on Tonight Show

John Cena is scheduled to appear on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon next week to promote WrestleMania 33. Cena is advertised to appear on March 22 on NBC.


  1. WWE always inflates its attendance numbers. Did you really believe 93,000 attended Wrestlemania 3?

  2. You need to include all the complimentary tickets they give out. There’s your extra but not enough to break 100,000.

  3. In the words of Gil Grissom on CSI, “Evidence doesn’t lie. People do.” If those turnstiles record the numbers of people who pass through them then that’s how many people were there. You do have to take into account the number of people who buy tickets then don’t show up, but 21,054 is a fairly sizable no-show difference especially considering how expensive Wrestlemania tickets are. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that WWE would exaggerate attendance numbers with the sorry state their in-ring product is in right now.

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