Cary Silkin Backstage

Former ROH owner backstage at WWE event

Former Ring of Honor owner Cary Silkin was backstage yesterday during WWE’s live event in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Many of the current WWE roster worked directly with Cary and Ring of Honor including Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and Sami Zayn.

Jason Jordan gets married

Current WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion Jason Jordan got married over the weekend. His partner (no, not Chad Gable) posted this picture to Instagram


  1. All ’round awesomeness. Love Balor, Anderson, & Gallows throwing up that old Bullet Club sign. HA! Up yours, Kliq.

  2. That was awesome to see. The WWE would be worse off than they already are if it weren’t for the contributions ROH and their wrestlers have made to the business during the past 15 years.

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