Linda McMahon asked about WrestleMania 33 during hearing

Linda McMahon is reporting that Linda McMahon, head of the Small Business Administration, was asked a question regarding WrestleMania 33 during a hearing on Wednesday.

Congressman Rod Blum of Iowa, following in the lead of Senator Corey Booker back in January, took it upon himself to ask a question regarding WrestleMania 33 on Sunday.

“Now that I only have 45 seconds left, I want to address the 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one has asked you so far, but I will, and some of my constituents want to know this is well, Administrator McMahon. Why did it take John Cena so long to propose marriage to Nikki Bella? And remember you’re under oath.”

The question, which got a laugh, saw McMahon respond, “You’d have to ask him.”