John Layfield

New York Post covers John Layfield situation

The New York Post is featuring an article regarding JBL (John Layfield) and the situation involving Mauro Ranallo, a situation that allegedly led to Ranallo’s departure from WWE.

The article notes Layfield tweeting at Ranallo a few weeks ago for missing a Smackdown Live taping, a tweet Layfield later deleted, that said Ranallo should have “made the show, everyone made the show, everyone.”

The Post also accuses JBL of “public bullying” when he addressed Ranallo sharing a screenshot of being voted the Best Announcer in 2016 by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Ranallo has not appeared on WWE television for the last few weeks and it was revealed in a CBS Sports report that his run is over with his deal expiring in August.

Outside of addressing Ranallo’s contractual status with the company, WWE has not commented publicly regarding the issue between JBL and Ranallo. The Post article also notes several situations of JBL “harassing WWE employees” including Mark Henry, The Hardy Boyz and The Miz along with “Fire Bradshaw” chants at Smackdown on Tuesday.

Kevin Nash defends JBL

Early Thursday morning, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash took to Twitter and appeared to defend JBL in a series of tweets you can view below.