Maria Kanellis

During tonight’s WWE Money in the Bank PPV in St. Louis, former Ring of Honor, New Japan and TNA/Impact Wrestling stars Maria Kanellis and Mike Bennett officially debuted.

They were officially introduced as Maria and Mike Kanellis during a promo.

Here is a summary from the debut tonight:

“Maria and Mike Kannellis walk out on stage. They introduce themselves. Maria says the First Lady is back in WWE. She talks about searching for the perfect partner the last seven years. Mike says she found him. Maria says they are on Smackdown Live to show everyone about the power of love. Cheesy music plays as they kiss and dance on the stage.”

The commentary team, specifically JBL, was quick to discuss Maria’s return to the company and how Mike ended up taking her last name.


  1. Meanwhile other mid-card talent like Luke Harper and Tye Dillinger are not featured on tonight’s show.

  2. His TNA theme was way better but this theme is ok. I’m more concerned with how WWE will utilize him and Maria. If they play their cards right they could be the Miz and Maryse of Smackdown but better.

  3. Her promos back in TNA were not believeable at all IMO, and she’s basically doing the same character here.

  4. Wishful thinking. Just in the random manner they threw them out there shows they do not have high hopes for them. I expect them to get lost in the shuffle within a few months

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