WWE apologizes for language on RAW

The Los Angeles Times is featuring an article about last night’s RAW and the segment featuring LaVar, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball with The Miz and Dean Ambrose.

The article noted that LaMelo Ball dropped some language on the mic when LaVar Ball took his shirt off and started to “confront” Miz when Ambrose walked out.

“LaMelo, had a live microphone in his hand and said, ‘Beat that — ‘¬†using a pejorative for African-Americans. He was laughing when he said it and was having fun watching his dad go crazy in the ring. But social media is already picking up on it, so the Ball family may have some explaining to do Tuesday.”

WWE issued the following statement as a result.

“The inappropriate language used by a guest during the ‘Miz TV’ segment was not scripted nor reflects WWE’s values.”

If you missed the segment last night, you can check it out below.

Post-6/26 WWE RAW videos

WWE posted these videos following last night’s RAW in Los Angeles.


  1. Not trying to defend it or say one is acceptable over the other because the word is offensive and needs to be erased from the English language. Having said that, like it or not, we live in a society where saying racial or derogatory terms are the ultimate signs of disrespect so in an equalization world, using the word in public is like a serious taboo. I know African Americans use the word regularly in their own circles but when it is used in public, all of the sudden there is a big issue

  2. Just want to make sure I understand this. Hogan has been banned from WWE since July 2015 (ya I know he will probably be back) over a tape from 2008. No matter what you think about him, wrestling is what it is today thanks in large part to him. One of the Ball’s uses the same word on live TV, and I am guessing we will be seeing 1 or all of them through Summer Slam- with no recourse. And they have done what exactly for wrestling? The Ball’s were presented last night as a brand- I don’t care which one of them said it- all 3 were representing that brand. All 3 should be banned from WWE- and their “brand” should take a hit in sales because of it.

  3. Tbh I couldn’t give a crap Hogan the man that still thinks he should hold the title one more time…… The man that kills company’s the man who’s ego is bigger than Vince and the wwe its great wwe found a way to get him out of the spotlight

  4. Your opinion of Hogan is absolutely your opinion. What I wrote has nothing to do with what you think of him, it has everything to do with how the rules apply to 1 person or race, but not another person or race. Hate Hogan, Love the Ball’s- they both used the N word and it was heard publicly. They should both be treated the same- Hogan is banned- the Ball’s should be too

  5. You’re aware that was a one off appearance because they were in Los Angeles right? That means we will likely not see the Ball family on WWE programming again. If we by some fluke we do see them again, it should be everyone but LaMelo, since he was the one that said the word.You can’t punish the entire family for the actions of one member.

  6. The fact that African Americans use the word amongst each other doesn’t make it any better. If anything, it makes things worse because people of other races hear them using it, think it’s okay for them use when talking to African Americans, and then don’t understand why African Americans get upset and hostile when the non African Americans use it. Some African Americans will give the (lame in my opinion) explanation that when they say it to each other it ends with an a and is thus a colloquial term but when a non African American it ends in er and as such is insulting. Truth be told, In the 19th century and first 2/3 of the 20th century whites used to use a variation of the n-word that ended with an a towards African Americans and it was just as insulting then as it is now. LaMelo Ball is just another example of a teenager that doesn’t know (and likely doesn’t care to learn) their (or anyone else’s) history. African Americans who know their history utterly despise and do not use that word. They also speak up when others do.

    Just in case that comment had you wondering, yes, I am African American.

  7. What hypocrisy? It was a one off appearance by an obnoxious loudmouth and his two sons: one NBA bound, the other high school aged and extremely immature.

  8. Can we go back to the part where I said their brand should take a hit. Paula Deen admits to using the “N” word way back in her past, and it destroys everything she had at the time. LaMelo uses it twice in 1 minute, on live TV, and their brand will not be affected. It doesn’t matter who out there used it, they were all out their representing a brand- a brand that apparently is 100% ok with using that kind of racial language. As for a 1 off appearance- now it might be a one off thanks to LaMelo- but if you think for 1 minute that the WWE wouldn’t have tried to capitalize on the Big Baller Brand and make money, you aren’t thinking big picture. BB Brand vs The Titus Brand- LaVar steals Apollo from Titus- shows him how to win, it leads up to a match between Apollo and Tozawa at Summer Slam- If the WWE once had Lawrence Taylor in the ME of a PPV- then all that was certainly a possibility.

  9. From the wrestling side of the story, it is a perfect comparison- since that is what I was going with to prove the WWE would do anything to try and make money. My comment had nothing to do with LT’s legal issues- wasn’t even close to my line of thinking. As for the shoes- could care less- I don’t watch much basketball- and these 3 made me want to watch it even less

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