Dixie Carter

WWE.com is reporting that former TNA President Dixie Carter will be featured on the upcoming “WWE 24” special about Kurt Angle premiering this Monday after RAW.

Carter, who was listed as being a “minority equity stakeholder” when Anthem Sports and Entertainment officially purchased TNA/Impact Wrestling back in January (now known as Global Force Wrestling), will be discussing working with Angle in TNA from 2006-2016.

WWE began filming footage early on of Angle’s first meeting with Vince McMahon earlier this year when he was announced as the headliner for the Class of 2017 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony this past April during WrestleMania weekend.

While both sides have worked together in the past including a talent exchange involving Ric Flair and Christian back in 2012, this marks the first time Carter will be featured on WWE programming since the Anthem takeover earlier this year.


  1. If she somehow manages to get a job in WWE I hope they bury her career. Not only is she misinformed about wrestling but she cause the demise of Impact Wrestling due to financial problems.

  2. Really? REALLY?? Of all the former TNA people, I never thought Dixie Carter would ever be on WWE programming. So will she even be allowed to mention TNA at all during this documentary? TNA is effectively dead but WWE doesn’t have control over it yet.

  3. Lol, every person in charge of what was considered a major promotion caused the demise of their promotion. The only exception might be ROH or Japan, but with WCW, ECW, AWA, and so on, their promoter is credited with causing the demise and no one in charge of a major promotion with international exposure other than Japan and WWE has escaped that so isn’t it possible that it’s simply a distasturius business to be in as a promoter? I mean if no one has really done it other than Vince and another one or two in the world, well…and say what you will about Heyman, Gagne, Bischoff and Carter and Jarrett (he has the same issue but didn’t even get out of the gates and it’s happened twice with him) but at least they took swings at the bat and for the most part held it together longer and brought their promotions further than anyone else seemingly has. For all their faults at least they all seemed to go down swinging.

  4. I hear so many simply shit on every failed promoter but again, outside of Vince (who many bitch about), and the ROH and Japan examples (which make 3-5 people in the entire world), I’d love to hear the hundreds of examples of people who they should have modelled whereas in most industries that can be done 🙂

  5. Was she? Doing what?
    And even if she was, she wasn’t formerly involved in a long term business relationship with a WWF/E competitor at the time.

  6. ??? Your link is to a glamour shot of Brooke Hogan so I’m not sure what the point of that is. But what I meant is that Dixie was never on WWE programming in any official capacity until now.

  7. I don’t know if the mistake is on your end or mine but when I click on your link, I get some glamour shot of Brooke Hogan sitting on a bed with a varnished mahogany headboard & white pillows wearing some gaudy red negligee showing way too much side boob. XP
    I’d cut & paste it but Wrestleview doesn’t allow commenters to post pictures.

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