Talking Smack

People covers Talking Smack getting pulled

People Magazine is featuring a story online about WWE making the call to pull the Talking Smack show that aired on Tuesday night’s covering Smackdown Live.

The article notes that neither host Renee Young or Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan were made aware of the decision until reading about it on Twitter.

As reported on earlier, WWE issued a statement noting that the show would continue to air following Smackdown-only PPV events going forward.

SI claims Vince made the call

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated also has an article up covering Talking Smack getting pulled and claiming Vince McMahon was the one who made the call.

The statement issued by WWE indicated that a lack of viewers was the cause for the show getting pulled, while Barrasso reports McMahon was simply unhappy with the show.

“McMahon, whose appearances at weekly WWE television shows is becoming increasingly irregular, was at TVs this past week. Sources close to the situation reported that McMahon was unhappy with the show and strongly believed it did not serve the company’s best interests.”


  1. Maybe H and Steph should start wondering if Vince knows what’s in the company’s best interest.

  2. McMahon? Which McMahon?
    The old man was never on the show.

    One of the reasons I enjoyed and watched every Talking Smack is becos of Renee Young

  3. Ya technically he was AT but not ON the show…. You have to be in front of the camera to be shot you get that right

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