Mike Kanellis

Former TNA/GFW and current WWE star Mike Kanellis took to Twitter to respond to a fan tweeting at him that he, along with wife Maria, remained a “joke” in WWE much like they were previously as part of Impact Wrestling.

Mike responded taking a shot at GFW regarding pay.

Matt Hardy, another former TNA/GFW and returning WWE star, saw the tweet and also took it upon himself to take a jab at GFW over checks not arriving on time.


  1. Thing is Anthem is a company with lots of leverage and financial stability so it would have been easier for Vince to get it for a song one-two years back 🙂

  2. Of course he’s bitter after the fight he and Anthem had over the broken gimmick … but I’d say if they were late with Matt’s pay I’d say it was day’s or week’s and not months in his and Jeff’s case but of course it is well documented that many others (other than the bigger names like Angle) had to chase and/or wait for pay. I think he’s still bitter about the other so he saw this as a chance to take another jab at Anthem / Impact / TNA. He didn’t complain while there but he’s not wrong with the accuracy of his tweet, it just may not be something he had to deal with as much as most of the roster!

  3. I wouldn’t even bother shelling out 50 bucks for it… it ain’t worth the time. There’s no one left on that shitty roster anyhow. Even Lashley sucks now, they totally ruined him.

  4. I think it actually shows some elements of loyalty. As you mentioned tna used matt back yard Nd compound to record a large amount of programming at 0 cost to themselves. And Matt did this for the good of impact he’s left and the gratitude from anthem has been nothing short of disgusting. So yeah he’s probably bitter and so would I be!!!

    Not in anyway taking away from reby poor actions

    And I like gfw I just think your post is ludicrous for wrestlers showing loyalty in hope the company would get better

  5. If Mike wasn’t with Maria nobody would know his name, so take a backseat shut up and enjoy your mid-card status.

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