Jon Jones

New and undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones took it upon himself to call out current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar after his win over Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 214 on Saturday night in Anaheim.

Jones, who had stated earlier in the week that he would deal with DC first and then with Lesnar, looked right into the camera addressing Lesnar.

“Brock Lesnar…if you wanna know what it feels like to get your ass kicked by a guy who weighs 40 pounds less than you, meet me in the octagon.”

The Associated Press spoke with Lesnar, who wrestled for WWE on Saturday night in Detroit, getting his thoughts on the call out by Jones.

“Be careful what you wish for, young man.”

Jones later expanded on his call out of Lesnar during a post-fight press conference in Anaheim on Saturday night and why the fight should happen.

“We’re serious about it, and it would be great for the MMA world. It would bring more of the general public to mixed martial arts, and that’s what we need. We need to expand our sport, so why not be the guy to take part in that? My team said, ‘You could beat Brock.’ You’ll have to dig deep, but you can do this. I think Brock has a limited game. I think it’s a winnable fight.”

UFC President Dana White was quick to point out how Lesnar still remains under a suspension after testing positive twice under USADA last year in his return to the world of mixed martial arts at UFC 200, meaning a fight happening this year isn’t likely as the suspension would have to resume after it was frozen when he announced his retirement.

You can check out Jones calling out Lesnar below courtesy of UFC.


  1. Be fun to see in theory, but can’t see it happening logistically due to the weight difference. Brock would have to cut a lot just to make a catchweight.

  2. Well, with what Jon Jones said 40 lbs less, maybe Jon was thinking of moving up in weight or bulking up a bit and going into the cage at his “normal” weight. Either way, if this fight happens, there will be people on both sides of the aisle wanting to see someone get their ass handed to them not mattering who it is…

  3. I’m pretty sure they can both waive the weight thing and make it happen. Just wouldn’t be for a title.

  4. Maybe Jon Jones is thinking of jumping ship.
    Such matches can only happen in the WWE… where a featherweight can fight and defeat a heavy weight.

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