Pete Dunne

Pete Dunne defends WWE UK Title has posted an article and video clip after Pete Dunne successfully defended the WWE United Kingdom Championship at an ICW event in Glasgow, Scotland.

You can check out the full interview below courtesy of WWE.

WWE says goodbye to Detroit arena

WWE posted this video prior to last night’s live event in Detroit the Joe Louis Arena saying goodbye. The company held its final event at the arena on Saturday night.


  1. Tearing down an arena named after probably the best heavyweight boxer of all time for another overpriced gaudy arena named after bad discount pizza. Detroit has sunk to a new low!

  2. Trust me…we wanted a different name. Either Gordy Howe Arena or at least after the late owner of the Red Wings Mike Illich(sp?). We are so commercialized it will only be a matter of time before we have First Financial Bank One 5/3 Fenway Captain America Park.
    Will miss The Joe…glad I was able to see the 2009 Rumble there.

  3. I hear you friend. It’s happening all over the country too. Iconic stadiums & arenas being torn down for the (Your Corporate Name Here) ballpark/stadium/arena. This one just stands out to me as particularly distasteful. An arena named after Joe Louis gone for an arena named after…….it’s too hideous to even say. Gordie Howe, Mike Illich, or even another Joe Louis Arena would’ve been great but too many unsavory politicians love that corporate $$$. Which is a big reason why WWE sucks right now too.

  4. I’m seriously waiting for Vince to start building his own arenas across the country. At least when I look at your icon….I can remember a simpler time…with kayfabe and decent wrestling product…note the wrestling and not the sports entertaining.
    New Joe Louis Arena would have been suitable. What’s sad is places like The Joe (getting torn down) and The Palace of Auburn Hills (Where the Pistons were playing; now going to Cheap Pizza Plaza Arena) are all losing out in those areas. I get bringing teams back to Detroit, but you’ve crammed a new baseball stadium, new football field, and now another new arena all into the downtown area…it’s a mess there as it is…it’s almost at a point where it isn’t even enjoyable to think about going to an event in that area.

  5. Sounds bad and it’s probably even worse near where I live. I currently live near Ft. Worth and downtown Arlington, TX is already an impassable mess during football season. Jerry Jones, the Cowboys owner, got his Jerry World aka AT&T (American Thugs & Thieves) Stadium near where the TX Rangers play and NOW they’re building a new ballpark complex for the Rangers even though the current ballpark is barely over 20 years old. So more construction for another overpriced ballpark then more gridlock in a cramped downtown area with narrow streets & miserable traffic flow that can’t even support traffic now as it is. Plus Arlington is also America’s biggest city with no public transportation which they’ll never get near the stadium/ballpark area now because there’s no space left to build anything unless you throw people out of their homes & businesses. Just like you have in Detroit now, a mess of a downtown area will become a bigger mess to the point that people won’t even find it enjoyable to go to a live game for either team. At least the Stars & Mavericks decided to stay in Dallas.

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