To follow up on reports over the weekend regarding the release of Mr. Kennedy, while a discussion went down backstage between Randy Orton and Kennedy following last week’s Monday Night Raw taping in what was described as Orton giving a rather stern lecture on Kennedy needing to be more careful in the ring and work on improving after Kennedy dropped him on his shoulder where he suffered a serious collarbone injury, that wasn’t the reason for his release from the company.

Later that evening, two major WWE stars who were not fans of Kennedy went to Vince McMahon and took the opportunity to let their feelings be known about the matter reports The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter. Vince McMahon, who was already said to be in a very bad mood after the dispute over Denver and the NBA, decided then and there on the plane ride home that Kennedy was reckless, still green as a worker, clueless when it came to business instincts and was a huge liability. Reportedly no one in WWE creative or talent relations felt the need to speak up for Kennedy.

Many sources have described this as a situation where McMahon was already stressed out with the Denver situation that having to deal with Kennedy made things even worse and that Kennedy was the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. McMahon was said to be so upset that he wasn’t even considering working with Kennedy in the future and made that clear to those around him. While many feel he will eventually cool off, one WWE source added, “I cannot condemn the way the office handled this termination at all. He was reckless with his mouth and at other times with his in-ring.” It should also be noted that two other major WWE stars also buried Kennedy to McMahon and WWE officials saying they hated working with him and “thought he was horrible and clumsy.”