Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin returns to WWE

After spending seven years away, Shelton Benjamin made his return to WWE during this week’s Smackdown Live in Brooklyn. Benjamin was paired with Chad Gable to form a new tag team during a backstage segment with GM Daniel Bryan.

Benjamin was originally slated to be part of Smackdown last year following the brand split, but was forced to take time off when he needed surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff.

You can check out the segment below courtesy of WWE.

8/22 Post-Smackdown Live videos

WWE posted these videos after last night’s Smackdown in Brooklyn.


  1. So Daniel Bryan Gave away Jason Jordon for Shelton Benjamin. wasn’t Benjamin already drafted by Smackdown?

  2. Hey Chad Gable. Remember when people said your tag team was just like a rip-off World’s Greatest Tag Team? Well, since your partner is now in a story line on RAW, we are going to put you in a new team… with one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team. Ever feel like you may be the Marty Janetty of your group? Well, technically, you;’re the Charlie Haas, but that’s only a baby step up from being the Janetty.

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