Jinder Mahal

WWE doesn’t post Jinder Mahal clip

WWE has not posted the segment involving WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers from last night’s episode of Smackdown Live from Oakland.

As noted in our live recap last night, the crowd started a “THAT’S TOO FAR” chant when Mahal began to mock Shinsuke Nakamura and referred to him as “Mr. Miyagi.” If you missed the promo last night, here is a small excerpt from our recap yesterday.

“Mahal again mocks Nakamura, like last week, with photos of Nakamura making funny faces. He predicts the prejudice of the people will continue and that they will turn on Nakamura the same way they turned on him. Mahal keeps showing the same photo for all of Nakamura’s reactions adding, “Shinsuke…you always ‘ROOK’ the same.” Mahal and The Singh Brothers laugh. The crowd in Oakland starts a loud “NAKAMURA” chant. Mahal says they chant his name and sing along to his theme to hide their own xenophobia. He says it looks like Nakamura gets his hair cut by a dog groomer. Mahal refers to Nakamura as Mr. Miyagi. Oakland literally starts a “THAT’S TOO FAR” chant.”

Wash Post cites “racist promos”

Marissa Payne of The Washington Post sent out a tweet asking fans to contact her if they attended Smackdown Live in Oakland, appearing to focus on the promo segment involving WWE Champion Jinder Mahal and citing “racist promos.”