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WWE issued a survey on Wednesday noting that the company is currently considering new programming for the WWE Network that would be part of a premium priced tier.

Fans were asked to vote an interest (ranging from Extremely Interested to Not At All Interested) regarding the following suggestions for new programming:

  • Special Live Events: Special one-time live events from unique locations around the world featuring an unexpected main event
  • New Reality Shows: Reality shows featuring life on the road for WWE Superstars, an insider’s view of WWE Superstars’ intense training and workout regimens, WWE Superstar “Cribs”, WWE-style “Apprentice” to win a job at WWE, or WWE Legends’ House Season 2 – Attitude Era
  • House Shows: For the first time ever, get a live, ringside view of select WWE house shows
  • Original Scripted Dramas: Wrestling-themed series inspired by wrestling’s colorful and rich history such as WWE’s version of Game of Thrones
  • Tournaments: New in-ring tournaments such as a Pro Am style tournament (WWE vs. NXT), a Lucha tournament, a tag team tournament, or King / Queen of the Ring tournaments
  • Ring of Honor: Historic and new programming from Ring of Honor
  • Audio Channel: A section of WWE Network for “listening only” that provides audio play-by-play of pay-per-views, music playlists, “sports radio” style call-in shows and podcasts
  • WWE “Director’s Cut”: Shows that put a new twist on classic content such as WWE Legends narrating historic pay-per-views or current WWE Superstars providing their perspective and analysis of classic matches and events
  • TV-14 In-Ring Show: A “new” weekly version of ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) or other “edgy” new promotion rated TV-14
  • Other Promotions: Historic and new programming from ICW, PROGRESS, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, or other regional Indie promotions
  • Original Scripted Comedies: Comedies such as WWE Superstar Roasts, Southpaw Regional Wrestling, or WWE’s version of “The Office”
  • TNA: Historic and new programming from TNA / Impact / Global Force Wrestling

In addition to the choices, WWE also gauged interest in the ability to download content from the network to view offline, adding customization to the video player, alternative viewing options (new camera angles, exclusive commentary, etc), a ratings/comments system, social viewing through social media outlets like Facebook and VR.

Additional benefits for the premium priced tier were also proposed including exclusive sweepstakes, breaking news before it hits WWE.com or social media, access to new merchandise and live event tickets, loyalty programs and more.

It should be noted that Anthem’s Ed Nordholm stated a few weeks ago that he had no interest in selling the TNA/Impact Wrestling tape library to WWE, so the sudden addition of that option to the survey is rather interesting at this time.


  1. I remember WWE talking about a premium price tier for different WWE products of all kinds tickets, merchandise, and certain WWE Network features on the WWE Network one year anniversary back in January 2015 and it still hasn’t happened yet. I am sure the reason why it hasn’t happened yet is money reasons in many ways but obviously people and companies need to spend money to make money plus it will create more jobs probably not a lot but any jobs and money is better then none. I would love to vote for the WWE Slammys and WWE Hall Of Fame like WWE employees do now and pre sale on WWE tickets for live events of all kinds Pay Per Views, Raw and Smackdown road shows and meet and greets and more plus pre sale on WWE merchandise from the WWE shopzone website. Because as of right now there is very little pre sale for WWE tickets you have to lookup the venue that WWE is going to be at and signup for that venues emails and you will get a pre sale code to buy WWE tickets two days in advance but a special presale and price from WWE would be great same thing with preorder and price for WWE merchandise. I hope WWE regardless has new shows on the WWE Network I am not talking about just new seasons that’s ok but completely new shows in general would be great like doing WWE Cribs, and hopefully new reality shows like when they had Holy Foley! on the WWE Network that was cool. I have also sent a couple emails and called the WWE Network phone number for suggestions on WWE Network content and all they keep saying is great idea we have sent this to or network creative team for review and keep watching the WWE Network to see if the suggestions I suggested happen other then me watching the WWE Network for the Pay Per Views like most people I liked the reality shows at lease Holy Foley! I did and liked the tournaments they have. But I am still waiting for WWE to finally but more classic content on the network WWE content I mean I would love to watch classic WWE Shotgun, Metal, Superstars and Sunday Night Heat all yet to be on the WWE Network and hopefully will be on soon especially since the WWE Network is ok but could be better and I would watch it more if they had those shows and the WWE Network is PG13 uncensored unlike like WWE Raw and Smackdwn from 2007-present on TV. So yes if WWE does a premium tier subscription I will do it depending on the price obviously I heard rumors of doubling the price of the WWE Network for people who want to do the premium tier so that means from $9.99 it would be $19.99 + tax obviously depending where you live so who knows hopefully this goes through within the next year and the premium tier suggestions and rumors actually becomes reality

  2. – ECW – hardcore Raw edition episode (just like old school raw did)
    – WCW nitro smackdown live edition episode( just like blast from the past did )
    – hardcore raw have ECW originals appear
    – smackdown live nitro WCW Guys appear

  3. – Non pg & TV 14
    – BRING BACK ATTITUDE ERA ON RAW and bring back Ruthless Aggression Era on Smackdown live and BRING BACK new generation Era on NXT.

  4. Probably easy to read too much into the TNA thing – they may be testing if it would be worth considering making Anthem an offer or buying some rights to use some content…I say this because they also don’t own the rights to ROH or NJPW but have them listed as well. Personally I would consider a premium package with that much new content but not sure they would get enough people to make it work.

  5. I’m still an amazed at the amount of subscribers they get around Wrestlemania, when those have been the weaker shows in recent years. I think I may have subscribed three separate times this year (1 month each time). And it doesn’t look good as No Mercy and HIAC aren’t really grabbing my attention.

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