Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe comments on injury recovery

Sky Sports is featuring an interview with WWE star Samoa Joe where he talks about his current injury recovery suffering a torn meniscus in his knee.

Joe also revealed he underwent nasal surgery after many broken noses in his career.

“The recovery’s going really well but I’ve only been able to perform at about 80 per cent capacity since joining NXT. Back then I had no chance to take time off because of the WWE opportunity, before I was just treating the knee problem with ice and elevation at home. Now it’s the best I’ve ever felt, it really is. I also needed nasal surgery as I’ve broken my nose about eight times in my career so I was only breathing at around 60 per cent. You have no idea how invigorating it is now.”

Young Bucks hold auction

The following press release was issued on Thursday noting that The Young Bucks will be holding an auction for “Too Sweet” ring worn tights. 100% of all of the proceeds generated will go to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

This is in response to the news that broke on Thursday that WWE had sent a cease and desist letter to the Bucks over the use of the “too sweet” gesture on merchandise.

You can check out the full press release below.

Young Bucks “Too Sweet” Ring Worn Tights up for auction–100% of the sale of these tights will benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif.—September 28, 2017—The Young Bucks, Matt and Nick Jackson, are auctioning two pair of Too Sweet Ring Worn Wrestling Tights, famously used in “Being the Elite” episode 47 during Matt’s mid-match promo. These were also worn in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor Wrestling.

100% of the sale of these tights will benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

This is the ONLY set ever made and worn by the Bucks. The Bucks will sign them if requested to do so. The auction will run from now until 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time Sunday, October 1.

“Seeing how we’ll obviously no longer be able to use these tights, we have decided to turn a negative into a positive and give back. We have chosen Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to receive 100% of the funds raised in our eBay auction. We decided to give back to this particular hospital, because we were so touched by the children and hospital staff we spent some time with during our recent visit,” said Matt Jackson.


  1. WWE is the .ing worst. How do you copyright a hand gesture? They might as well claim copyrights on flipping the middle finger since Stone Cold did it all the time.

  2. DDP was able to trademark the Diamond Cutter gesture so a rap label couldn’t use it, so it’s been done.

  3. Also to add Brandon’s comment trademark laws are weird. For example to NOT defend your trademark/copyright can be seen legally as giving carte blanche to use your ip. For instance nintendo being okay with a pokemon mod could weaken there legal standing later in an actual court fight.

  4. So no mention if Joe would be healed in time for the Rumble? Honestly, it would be more intriguing to see Joe vs. Lesnar down the road, instead of Balor vs. Lesnar, only because Balor is maybe 170 lbs. and it’s just suspending belief a little too much to have him holding his own with Lesnar. But with Joe, it could be a good brawling, even bout.

  5. The Young Bucks’ act of charity shows more sincerity than all the WWE’s phoniness when it comes to its PR-motivated charitable causes.

  6. Guess we’d have to ask WWE or DDP – possible…but unlikely. Guess it also depends on if DDP felt it necessary and acted on it or I suppose where Cody had the painted hands, etc. if it was considered identical 🙂 lots of questions but it’s even possible (again unlikely) that they asked DDP and he said go to it.

  7. Be a Star is a joke! This case against the Young Bucks alone, plus many other instances, proves that WWE is one of the biggest bullies & hypocrites around. Go ask the various wrestlers & employees who’ve come & gone over the years who suffered from hazing & bullying by JBL, Bill DeMott, HHH, the various other members of the McMahon family, & various other WWE higher-ups how sincere WWE is when they say they’re against bullying.
    So yes, Be a Star, much like their “wellness program”, shows what 2 faced phony assholes WWE is. It’s all about public relations.

    NEA isn’t worth a damn! They care more about maintaining the miserable status quo of our worsening education system to make life better for themselves than improving the quality of public schools for the students. Go see the movie “Waiting for Superman” to see all the wonderful things the NEA has done for schools and why so many people are turning to charter schools and trying to institute school choice. By funding NEA, WWE is part of the problem.

    GTAfan4life is right. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a scam! Look it up anywhere. They care more about raising money for themselves than curing breast cancer.
    Need more examples? Because there’s plenty more. Susan G. Komen cares more about money than breast cancer but they’re sadly the best known breast cancer “charity” out there and THAT’s the only reason WWE associates with them; for the perception that they care and the good public relations that go with it. Like Vince McMahon himself says: “Perception is reality.” Komen is a scam and so is WWE for associating with them.
    Further proof of WWE’s phoniness in caring about cancer is their Warrior Award at the Hall of Fame shows. The Ultimate Warrior specifically said that he wanted that award to go to people who work behind the scenes for WWE so they get recognized for the company’s success as well as the wrestlers who work in front of the cameras. But WWE ignored that and made it into yet another PR stunt to try to show everyone what caring souls they are when it comes to cancer victims. Phonies!!

    Tribute to the Troops used to mean something when they actually went to Iraq, Afghanistan, or even military bases here in the country. They don’t do that anymore do they? Now they just have some regular show at some regular arena and paste the Tribute to the Troops name onto it. No added trouble for them at all.

    WWE’s work with the Make A Wish Foundation is probably their only meaningful charity work.

  8. There’s only things that describes you and GTAfan4life is that you’re both are pathetic hypocrites that can’t accept reality, don’t know the differences between rumors and the truth/what’s real and what’s fake.

    For Tribute to the Troops, how many many men & women of the US Army, Navy, and Marines and their family attended those shows (2014-2016)????

    You WWE is a bully company…..that’s a load of bull, and do you know what a bully is???? How many bullies do you know that donate the charity? How many bullies do you know that visit sick kids in the hospital???? How many bullies do you know that are in jail????? How many bullies do you know that have friends and help them through terrible situations??? How many bullies do you know that gets cheers by the crowd???? How many bullies do you know that have a heart?????? How many bullies do you that encourages young people to vote?? How many bullies do you know that care about their families???? How many bullies do you know that go to church????? How many bullies do you that gives away their money???

    The fact that WWE sent two senior officials to Arizona to assist Warrior’s widow in handling personal things such as grocery shopping so that she can focus on being with her and Warrior’s daughters…is something you don’t understand.

    The fact that arguably lots of wrestling companies want to be like WWE or be partners with WWE really blows my mind.

    Say what you want about WWE, and one more thing…..if you REALLY don’t like WWE and the McMahon Family than don’t watch WWE RAW/SmackDown/NXT/205, don’t subscribe to WWE Network, don’t comment on any article about WWE/Vince McMahon/a WWE employee BECAUSE that would make you pathetic and a man that doesn’t go by his word.

    Last of all, how come you didn’t send those links to NBC, Vince McMahon, Fox News, etc. to expose some of those charity organizations for why they’re a scam……were you scared of getting arrested or sued or just scared no one would believe you????

  9. No stupid, little, ignorant WWE fanboy, YOU are a pathetic little twit who doesn’t accept reality. Susan G. Komen is a scam whether you want to believe it or not. There’s plenty of articles around that describe its dubious charity work in detail. I don’t need to send the links to anyone else. They’re written in black & white for anyone who’s not an idiot like you to see for themselves.
    NEA has an entire movie made about them and how they keep public schools underperforming for their own benefit. Anyone can get “Waiting for Superman” to see for themselves. And what would I be arrested or sued for, doofus? Definition of character? Scurrilous truth exposure? They’re articles & movies written by other people that I linked to. I didn’t write them myself. You’re so belligerently stupid you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Most of this drivel-ridden tirade shows you don’t know what you’re talking about. XD

    “You WWE is a bully company…..that’s a load of bull, and do you know what a bully is????”
    First of all, learn to proofread. Secondly, yes a bully is someone or a group of persons who use strength and/or power to harm and/or intimidate those who are weaker. Sounds a lot like WWE & its various employees to me. This petty cease & desist order against The Young Bucks is just one example. I guess you’ve also missed all the various articles that have come out over the years from people WHO ACTUALLY WORKED FOR WWE about how they were bullied & intimidated by Vince, HHH, Stephanie, JBL, Bill DeMott, Kevin Dunn, & various other WWE higher-ups. They’re out there to see for yourself. If you in your biased stupidity choose not to believe them then there’s nothing anyone can say or do to sway your ignorance. So to reiterate, Be A Star is a joke! If WWE is really against bullying, let them practice what they preach. Charity starts at home. Doing some good here & there to improve their public perception doesn’t make them any less of a bully.

    As for Tribute to the Troops, wasn’t the entire point of it to bring a piece of Americana to the soldiers fighting overseas in Iraq & Afghanistan to let them know they were appreciated & not forgotten? And it was great of WWE to do that while they WERE actually doing that. But they don’t do that anymore even though they’re making more money than ever. Pasting the name onto just another arena show in country is a very hollow tribute.

    As for me, I’ve almost never watched WWE since the summer of 2014. After being a fan for 30 years I stopped watching just like many other people who’ve stopped watching because they’re sick of them. I read websites like Wrestleview to keep up with what’s going on with them without wasting my time watching a product I don’t like 8+ hours a week and I’ll comment on whatever article I want. If you don’t like it then you can go f*ck yourself along with your brain-dead opinions of those who do.
    And lastly, give the question mark button on your a keyboard a break. Pressing it over & over again at the end of your inane questions doesn’t make you any more authoritative or any less wrong. It just makes you come across as more of a rabid fanboy loony. XD

  10. “As for Tribute to the Troops, wasn’t the entire point of it to bring a
    piece of Americana to the soldiers fighting overseas in Iraq &
    Afghanistan to let them know they were appreciated & not forgotten?
    And it was great of WWE to do that while they WERE actually doing that. But they don’t do that anymore even though they’re making more money than ever. Pasting the name onto just another arena show in country is a very hollow tribute.” Arguably true, but your acting like the US military service members who attended WWE’s Tribute to the Troops (2011-2016) never fought in Iraq or Afghanistan and never fought for their country.

    “I guess you’ve also missed all the various articles that have come out
    over the years from people WHO ACTUALLY WORKED FOR WWE about how they were bullied & intimidated by Vince, HHH, Stephanie, JBL, Bill DeMott, Kevin Dunn, & various other WWE higher-ups.” Ya, I can name a few like uh…….Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, Rey Mysterio, The Rock, The Dudley Boyz, Bret Hart and few members of his family, Eric Bischoff (arguably, he deserved it), Hulk Hogan, Jim Ross, John Cena, CM Punk, The Undertaker, Big Show, Paul Heyman, Kurt Angle, Melina, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Finlay, Randy Orton, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels, Eugene, William Regal…oh yeah you remember Regal, the guy who Vince ordered to kiss his ass on national TV, and I bet you found it a little funnier than Vince throwing Eric Bischoff into a garbage truck.

    And another thing, you say some WWE employees were intimated and bullied by members of the McMahon Family, JBL, and various WWE higher-ups…..OH WOW, I’m surprised this coming from a guy who’s fan of a wrestling group who acted like bullies who bullied and intimidated some WCW employees….now what were they called let’s see now, they’re top wrestlers were arguably Vince McMahon’s top gimmicks….oh ya, that was the nWo.

  11. Do you actually read & listen to the crap you say? Are you some kind of child who can’t tell the difference between the fictional storylines on TV from the real life crap WWE does behind the cameras? The nWo was a STORYLINE faction for the wrestling shows. I’m talking about what happens in real life. Yes Hogan, Nash, & Bischoff also threw their weight around behind the scenes but the New World Order was no more a real life group of bullies than The 4 Horsemen or the Dungeon of Doom were. Just like all those other names you mentioned “being bullied” including Vince making William Regal kiss his ass or throwing Bischoff into a garbage truck. It was Vince stoking his ego for the audience but it was part of the show. What I’m talking about is the real life culture of bullying & intimidation WWE does as a standard business practice. That’s why Be A Star is a crock of crap. Once again, if WWE is seriously against bullying let them practice what they preach at home first.
    As for Hogan & Bischoff, I’ve voiced my disdain for them repeatedly over the years for their parts in bringing down WCW & TNA, both in front of AND behind the scenes.

    One last thing about Tribute to the Troops. I applaud WWE for doing it no matter where it is but the big difference between doing it here or overseas is that the soldiers here aren’t risking being shot at or blown up every time they leave home (street crime aside). The soldiers serving overseas fighting in war zones need the USO & various other entertainment outlets much more to give them some dose of down home Americana in a perilous foreign land as some temporary relief from literally fighting for their lives every day. Soldiers back in the U.S. don’t have to worry about that nearly as much. That’s why Tribute to the Troops meant so much more when they travelled to Iraq & Afghanistan.
    Also, upvoting your own comments impresses no one.

  12. This coming from someone who never did any volunteer work and never donated any of his money to charity.

    You say that JBL, Bill DeMott, HHH, and various other members of the McMahon family are bullies….the fact that Daniel Hughes, Tom Adkins, Charles Payne, Meredith Whitney, Bob Froehlich, Gary Kaltbaum,Steve Malzberg, and Chris Larigi didn’t expose JBL as a bully, really blows my mind; you know I found it really surprising that thousands of fans in New Jersey chanted JBL during a wrestling match.

    One more thing, I remembered a few months ago that Mauro Ranallo accused JBL of bullying him and that made lots of angered WWE fans worldwide sent messages to Vince McMahon to fire JBL; then it turns out it wasn’t true…….I’ll admit I almost believe that. It’s true that numerous Superstars accused JBL of bullying but he was never fired of that….you know like how Kane didn’t get fired when tombstoned Linda McMahon.

    Now I can’t say anything Bill DeMott, I mean your right he is a bully.

    Now for HHH….the man who created DX and Evolution; the fact that it was HHH that created NXT, and was widely praised for helping cultivate the brand, recruiting fresh new
    talent, helping guide the brand to various levels of success
    including sold-out shows, increased respect for women’s wrestling, and international expansion….really hurts something inside of you. It was HHH that got credited for losing in high-profile matches that helped elevate the careers of younger wrestlers including John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, Jeff Hardy, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns; and you know that is DAMN TRUE! Also, it was HHH and his wife Stephanie created the “Connor’s Cure” cancer fund in honor of Connor Michalek, a WWE fan who died of cancer at the age of eight. Also, the organization reportedly had raised more than $630,000 by October 2015, and nearly $1 million by March 2016, having helped more than 100 families. Oh and by the way, it was Vince McMahon (the man who you called a bully) that got Connor to meet his hero Daniel Bryan. One more thing, it was HHH that brought back Bruno Sammartino back into WWE.

    Now for Vince McMahon….I know for a fact that you hate Vince McMahon and honestly I can’t blame you because i hate his guts too. However, he was the man who he and Linda created WWE and made a local wrestling promotion into a huge multinational wrestling enterprise that still is the #1 wrestling company in the world. The man who created WrestleMania, that not only became most successful & longest-running professional wrestling event in history and helped transform professional wrestling BUT it helped boost its host cities’ economy and raise money for lots of charity organizations; now if McMahon was a bully then he wouldn’t let his company do that. The fact that the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce didn’t expose Vince McMahon as a bully, so he wouldn’t be awarded must make you sick to your stomach. It’s true that it was Vince McMahon and his company that drove almost every single wrestling promotion out of business and I was shocked when I started seeing Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff working for that bully and for years I kept asking myself WHY, and when Paul Heyman left for about 6 years and then Vince McMahon hired him back. The fact that Vince McMahon gave Bret Hart & the Hart Family something they wanted to do for a long time must burns you inside. Vince McMahon made top stars out of a lot of wrestlers that used to work and currently work for him. You know, I don’t get how you think Vince McMahon is a bully, maybe it’s because he plays a heel boss IN CHARACTER, but out of character is he a bully? I mean if he was, then he would give Stone Cold Steve Austin a STUNNER. You know this coming from a man who (calls Vince a bully) never stood up to his boss or anyone, never achieved anything in his life, never worked hard to get to the top, never worked as a real boss or an owner of a company, never fired anyone.

    You said you’ve been a fan of WWE for 30 years….then clearly you must have sudden case of amnesia thinking Vince McMahon is a bully; and I bet you were damn happy when Kevin Owens/The Nexus/Randy Orton/Steve Austin/HHH/Shawn Michaels/Hulk Hogan/DX/The Undertaker & Kane/Mick Foley/The Rock/Brock Lesnar/Booker T./Nailz/Bret Hart/Bobby Lashley/Donald Trump attacked Vince McMahon and it made me happy too, although not as much as Donald Trump shaving Vince McMahon. Ya, Vince McMahon flaunts his affairs in front of his wife, kinda like lots of actors. He also faced a federal indictment by the United States Federal Government for distributing steroids to his wrestlers and was threatened with 30 years in prison, and Vince didn’t plea-bargain & he was found not guilty.

    You think the McMahon Family are bullies when you see them on RAW & SmackDown and read news articles about them, but you don’t know what the family is like out of character PLUS you never met them….I bet you felt the same way about the Osbourne Family, the Trump Family, The Flair Family (Ric, David, and Charlotte), The Gilbert Family (Tommy, Eddie & Doug), The Hart Foundation, The Von Erichs, and the Ortons (Bob & Randy).

    Now for Tribute to the Troops, you wanna know who thought of that idea… was JBL, you know the guy who you say is a bully, And you say “the soldiers here aren’t risking being shot at or blown up every time they leave home (street crime aside). Soldiers back in the U.S. don’t have to worry about that nearly as much.”If you believe this, you’d be a big fool because I guess you never heard any news concerning or talking about Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, Naval Station Norfolk, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Vandenberg Air Force Base, etc.

  13. Are you still here jackass? And still an uninformed idiot I see. So much utter crap. Where to begin?:
    How do you know I’ve never done any volunteer work or donated to any charity? Actually I have but the details are none of your business.
    Next, do stop saying something “blows your mind” since you don’t have enough of a mind to blow. So because JBL’s co-panelists on Fox News & CNBC haven’t exposed him as a bully it must not be true? All the actual WWE wrestlers & personalities that have worked with him over the years and have suffered under him are all making it up? Good God what an idiot! JBL isn’t in a position of power to bully the other guests on Bulls & Bears and Cashin’ In! Stupid! Furthermore, those other panelists aren’t there to talk about JBL. They’re there to talk about the various social & economic topics of the day. And no, I wouldn’t think HIS WIFE Meredith Whitney would bad mouth her own husband on the air on Fox News.
    And since you’re into name dropping: The Miz, Edge, The Hardys, Chris Masters, Rene Dupree, The Blue Meanie, Mark Henry, Steve Blackman, Shawn Daivari, Paul London, Justin Roberts, Charles Robinson, Joey Styles, & Amy Weber have all said JBL hazed &/or bullied them. Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The Hardys & Edge even wrote about it in their books which I’m sure you didn’t read. WWE coloring books are more your speed. Steve Blackman & Joey Styles even beat up JBL for his mistreatment of them.
    As for Mauro Ranallo, I’m sure a moron like you who sees the world with WWE-colored glasses really does believe that his torment at the hands of JBL was just an internet rumor. More like WWE settled out of court so Ranallo wouldn’t sue their asses and WWE made him say it was a rumor as part of the settlement to cover said asses. Ranallo’s friend & MMA legend Bas Rutten even said on his twitter, before the settlement was reached, that the rumors about JBL were true. I suppose you think it’s also a coincidence that Ranallo is now back doing commentary for NXT just as JBL has decided to “voluntarily retire.” XD Yeah, voluntarily retire.
    Yes, I’m also aware that JBL started Tribute to the Troops but like I said before, doing some good here & there doesn’t make him any less of a bully. It just says he has some shred of human decency.
    And YOU are a big fool AND an idiot beyond belief if you really think soldiers at home are more at risk than soldiers fighting wars overseas. Training accidents at military bases are very rare, successful terrorist attacks even rarer. Soldiers fighting in foreign war zones fight for their lives EVERY F*CKING DAY! Soldiers at home do not! If that’s something your little mind can’t grasp then you have no business calling anyone else a fool. Fool!
    HHH didn’t create DX. Vince Russo did. Shawn Michaels even said so in his book. But since it’s 352 pages long with no pictures to color in, I’m sure you didn’t read that either. HHH didn’t create Evolution either. Various other WWE creative people did and originally was to be composed of characters other than Batista & Randy Orton. HHH didn’t create NXT either. It was a company decision to transition to it after phasing out Florida Championship Wrestling & WWECW. He just runs it now. Seriously, do you just make this crap up? Apparently so.
    Also, Cena was an established talent before HHH ever touched him, Randy Orton?? He buried Randy Orton more than helping him, Jeff Hardy’s star had risen back when he wrestled The Undertaker in that ladder match again before HHH ever touched him, Brock Lesnar was “The Next Big Thing” as soon as he was hired on by WWE before HHH verbally buried him and before he gift-wrapped himself his 1st WWE World title then put himself over Brock at WM 29, and THE FANS elevated Daniel Bryan. Bryan originally wasn’t even supposed to be in the main event of WrestleMania 30. Vince, in a rare post Attitude Era moment of clarity, finally capitulated to the fans’ wishes and gave Bryan what he earned. So no, it’s not “damned true.” Now go ask Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Kane, Kurt Angle, Sheamus, Scott Steiner, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Goldberg, Sting, Zack Ryder, & Chyna (if she was still alive) how HHH helped their careers.
    As for WWE hiring Paul Heyman back, it wasn’t out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s because he’s Brock Lesnar’s real-life agent; another fact you’re ignorant of.
    Now for Vince: Yes I was a fan of WWE for 30 years and remember all those STORYLINE confrontations he had with various wrestlers, his own family, & Donald Trump because they were SCRIPTED conflicts with Vince playing a character based on his real-life questionable reputation. The fact that you have trouble discerning real-life from what happens on WWE’s TV shows really says what a dull little child you are.
    Oh, you want to talk about what he did for Bret Hart & his family? I guess you never read Bret Hart’s book either since it was 569 pages of mostly small print. You might’ve enjoyed the art pictures though. In it, he details how Vince used Owen’s death to drive a wedge between him & his various siblings and how the siblings who sided with Vince used their own father as a prop against Bret for the promise of special favors later on. Bret also went into detail about how the family conflict broke his mother’s heart and how she was never the same afterwards.
    Now Bret has since then reconciled with Vince and now sides with WWE against Owen’s wife & kids which is disappointing but no it doesn’t “burn me inside”, little child. It’s just disappointing that he chooses to further make Owen’s family feel alienated from his brothers & sisters. It’s also worth mentioning that Pro Wrestling Illustrated gave Bret a Turnbuckle Turkey “Award” for speaking out for WWE against Owen’s family in 2010.
    You want more examples? How about how WWE used to coerce venues not to host TNA events or else WWE would never play there. Or how WWE coerces various Comic-Cons not to have TNA wrestlers or wrestlers from other promotions signing autographs where WWE wrestlers are also signing. Or how those WWE ingrates made Steve Austin take some T shirts off his personal online store because the shirts had WWE pictures on them. Which goes hand-in-hand with this C&D order against the Young Bucks. I could fill several more pages with various more examples like this of WWE’s real-life corporate culture of bullying both inside & outside of its own walls.
    Yes, Vince has built himself quite a monster and he’ll use its size & financial power to push around or bury anyone he can. If you’re ignorant of this company’s standard business practice then you aren’t paying enough attention. Doing some charity work to improve its public image may bamboozle blind fanboys like you but many more people see them for what they really are. No I’ve never met the McMahons personally but there’s enough stories out there about them from people who do know or have known them for me to have an informed opinion about them based on what they say.
    Whew, so much work to correct so much bullsh*t. I could go on but that’s long enough for now.

  14. Calm down……and shut up. “No I’ve never met the McMahons personally but there’s enough stories out
    there about them from people who do know or have known them for me to
    have an informed opinion about them based on what they say.” Funny, that’s the same thing they said about Sharon Osbourne’s Family without getting the real facts and you know I’d thought you’d be glad that Vince’s kids didn’t name their children after him.

    Coerce venues not to host TNA events and Comic-cons???? Well, I guess that minuses the Alamodome in San Antonio TX, Norfolk Scope in Norfolk VA, the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in downtown Greenville SC, the Manhattan Center in Midtown Manhattan NYC, The Palace of Auburn Hills, the Wembley Arena, and the US Bank Arena in downtown Cincinnati.

    I meant how Vince McMahon gave Bret Hart and his family their revenge at WrestleMania in Phoenix, Arizona.

    So what if you think JBL, HHH, and Vince McMahon are bullies, the fact that Ranollo left WWE, and it had NOTHING to do with JBL makes you scared to admit to that.

  15. And one more thing, I can think of a few reasons why you think you guys like Vince McMahon, HHH, JBL, The McMahons are bullies:

    You think or know after you see them on TV & read news articles about them, it makes you realize that they just work in fancy offices, doesn’t even know their families exist, fires people, only care about money, prejudice, never did an honest or good thing in their lives, never worked hard to get where they’re at right now, mean to everyone who works for them, steal money without returning it, etc.

  16. Psh. “Shut up.” Spoken like a true immature little child. As for calming down, you started this with your rabid WWE-centric stupidity. I can’t help it if you’re constantly coming back with uninformed nonsense.

    I don’t care about Sharon Osbourne. I follow wrestling and there’s been plenty of stories over the years about ex-wrestlers, ex-writers, & other employees who’ve had negative & sometimes shocking things to say about their mistreatment in WWE from its various bosses, some other wrestlers, & various micro-managers whether you believe them or not. And who says the stories about the Osbournes aren’t true? You?

    Yes, when TNA started taking Impact on the road in 2012-2013, WWE sent the message out to all the arenas they usually appear at, threatening them, that they better not host TNA or else risk WWE not appearing there if they did. The story was covered here on Wrestleview and most other wrestling sites. If you don’t believe that either then live in blissful ignorance of your sainted WWE’s business practices. And when’s the last time WWE appeared at most of those venues you mentioned? When they’re in Detroit, they wrestle at the Joe Louis Arena, not the Palace. WWE hasn’t been there since 1993:
    WWE just returned to the AlamoDome this past January after a 20 year absence.They wrestle at the AT&T Center where the Spurs play in San Antonio most of the time:
    WWE just returned to the Wembley Arena 2 years ago in 2015 so I guess they made good on their threat to them for hosting TNA all those years:
    And TNA never played the Bon Secours Arena:
    As for LockDown 2011 in Cincinnati & Destination X 2008 in Norfolk, those events pre-date WWE’s fascist edict.
    On their Twitter accounts, Lisa Marie Varon (Victoria/Tara) & Mr. (Ken) Anderson said they were scrubbed from the Chicago Comic-Con while they worked for TNA because WWE threatened to pull their wrestlers from that event if TNA was there too. I believe Tara & Mr. Anderson and if WWE did that in Chicago I’m sure they did it at other Comic Cons as well. Are you calling Tara & Anderson liars? It doesn’t matter what you think.
    Giving Bret Hart “revenge” at WrestleMania 26 doesn’t erase the sh*t he put him & his family through after Owen’s death. Bret detailed all of it in his book when he was free of WWE’s influence.

    And the fact that you’re too stupid to put 2+2 together to see that Mauro Ranallo left WWE because of JBL just underscores that you see the world through WWE-colored glasses. Did I mention that Ranallo’s friend, Bas Rutten, confirmed the rumors? Call Rutten a liar to his face and we’ll see who’s scared, little boy. I guess it’s also a big coincidence that Ranallo is back doing commentary for NXT just as JBL “voluntarily retires.” Riiiiiiiight.

  17. “Giving Bret Hart “revenge” at WrestleMania 26 doesn’t erase the sh*t he
    put him & his family through after Owen’s death. Bret detailed all
    of it in his book when he was free of WWE’s influence.” First of all, if Bret Hart & his family wanted REVENGE, then they wouldn’t have drop that lawsuit against WWE & Vince McMahon, and Vince would’ve lost the company and he might of gone to jail & WWE would’ve or might have been in full-control by Bret and his family……and that would make anyone happy INCLUDING YOU to see Vince McMahon rotting in jail.

    Second of all, it really surprised me that Bret Hart & his family wasn’t with Piper, when he went to TNA and publicly blamed Vince Russo for his cousin’s (Owen Hart) death. And I wished back in WCW (1999) that Hart & Piper got their “revenge” on Russo, when Russo forced Piper to let his (Piper) cousin win the WCW World Title over Goldberg.

    Lastly, the fact that Bret Hart (came back to WWE) and Natalya Neidhart won’t quit & leave WWE almost shocked me but there were reasons for that.

  18. Come back from a little time off just to see you writing more drivel on my disqus account.
    And there you go again assuming things about me without knowing me at all. So, NO I don’t want to see Vince rotting in jail. I want to see WWE have some quality competition in the wrestling industry so they don’t get away with a lot of the garbage they do get away with.
    Secondly, I stated previously that, according to Bret’s book, not all of Bret’s family was against WWE. Specifically, Ellie (Natalya’s mother), Diana (the British Bulldog’s widow), Bruce, Smith, & a couple other siblings were Vince McMahon ass-kissers who sold out to WWE and sought to selfishly profit from Owen’s death.
    Thirdly, Vince would’ve only gone to jail if he actually sabotaged the rigging causing Owen to fall, told Russo or the technicians to do it, or let Owen do the stunt knowing the rigging was faulty; further proving you don’t know jack about what someone can be arrested for. Owen’s death wasn’t murder or even manslaughter. It was an unnecessary stupid mistake that didn’t have to happen but nothing anyone can be arrested for. And even if the Hart family did present a united front to successfully sue WWE, they wouldn’t have ended up running the place. At worst, WWE would’ve had to pay a hefty restitution or try to settle out of court just like they did with Mauro Ranallo.
    As for Bret reconciling with WWE & Natalya working there, they chose to forgive the company for their own personal reasons so I won’t judge them for that too harshly. But Owen’s wife & children hate the Hart family for it and never will forgive them for choosing WWE over them or forgive WWE for his death. Their reasons for that are even more understandable.

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