Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy injury update

Jeff Hardy underwent a successful surgery for his torn rotator cuff on Tuesday.

According to, Hardy will be out the next six to nine months as a result.

As reported earlier, Hardy suffered the injury two weeks ago during an episode of RAW. Hardy told that the injury timing was “depressing.”

Shayna Baszler officially signs with WWE confirmed yesterday that Shayna Baszler has officially signed a deal with WWE and has already reported to the Performance Center in Orlando.

WWE uploaded this video talking with Baszler about the signing.


  1. Well, she lost in the finals of the Mae Young tournament with Rousey watching on and the potential her winning would have meant gained mainstream media attention because of their four horsewoman connection and Rousey’s media appeal, so quite sure WWE can avoid favoritism in her case.

  2. 6 to 9 months!? Bummer! Despite the negative image he has amongst most fans I’ve always loved Jeff—when he wasn’t turning Impact into a Tex Avery cartoon that is. Best of luck to him for a quicker recovery.
    I’d like to think this will make WWE do some great things with Matt as a singles competitor but…well this WWE so I highly doubt it.

  3. Well he says his daughters & Matt’s kids have inspired him to be a better man than before so here’s hoping.

  4. Agreed – just the worst thing for a recovering user is isolation, so let’s hope he has them around him 🙂

  5. Matt has a good runs as a singles competitor in the past, i.e. good programs with Edge and MVP, I think his MVP program was one of my favs. I agree… he will follow the path of other WWE persons with his experience and become a jobber, i.e. Kane, Henry, Show, Ziggler, and on and on. Jeff..his body is “broken’ time to bow out of being the high flying risk taker. Like many it is time for the biz to pay him back , although sadly….never will happen.

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