Jimmy Jacobs

According to a report by Dave Meltzer, Jimmy Jacobs was let go by WWE last week and news of his departure didn’t start to go public until this week.

While WWE will likely never officially comment publicly, the report in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter revealed Jacobs was let go for taking a picture with The Bullet Club outside of a RAW taping in Ontario, California last month per multiple WWE sources.

If you recall, WWE immediately sent a cease and desist letter to The Young Bucks later that week over the use of the “Too Sweet” gesture citing it was intellectual property owned by the company that the Bucks were using on many forms of merchandise.

Jacobs (Chris Scoville) became a writer for WWE in 2015 after a lengthy career on the independent wrestling scene and was best known for his run in Ring of Honor since 2003. At the time, taking a photo with the Bucks and the Bullet Club crew probably wasn’t considered a bad thing to Jacobs as news of the cease and desist letter didn’t go public until a few days later. Many were quick to point out cameos by┬áKevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and AJ Styles on the “Being The Elite” YouTube show over the last year as well.

He appeared to be ready for the news to go public as he immediately promoted a new t-shirt with Pro Wrestling Tees with the tagline “Unprofessional” showing his photo op with The Bullet Club outside of the RAW in Ontario in a newspaper bulletin design. He addressed trending on Twitter at one point yesterday as well, but has yet to officially comment on the initial reports that started to go public earlier this week. Either way, he was likely made an example of backstage as WWE was clearly not thrilled with the “invasion” spoof.


  1. This goes to show how small, bitter and broken Vince McMahon is. This man made well over a billion dollars off of pro wrestling. It was unprecedented, amazing, and at this rate, will never be done again. Despite all of that, he doesn’t have the respect from the mainstream to show for it and he probably never will. His de-facto rival Ted Turner has produced programming that have won emmys for example. Vince McMahon hasn’t. He isn’t seen on the same level of media moguls as Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch or Mark Zuckerburg. He isn’t seen as smart as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. I believe that burns a hole in his heart and it would explain his philosophies.

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