Ric Flair suing former management, Otunga pulls out of Survivor Series

Ric Flair

Ric Flair suing former management

TMZ.com is reporting that Ric Flair is suing his former management team, Legacy Talent and Entertainment, claiming he was paid $25,000 (by First Row Films) for the ESPN 30 for 30 series and that his manager stole the money from him.

Flair claims he is owed in the range of $46,000 based on prior payments from other endorsement deals he signed as part of the team from 2009 until this past October.

Legacy Talent and Entertainment fired back to TMZ claiming Flair is telling “blatant lies.”

“Ric Flair has always been known to be dramatic and looking desperately for the spotlight. That’s fine as a wrestler but it is despicable when he blatantly lies. As anyone who read [the Ric Flair Grantland article] knows, Ric has always left a trail of destruction in his wake whether it be from his ex wives, the IRS, creditors, or from his former business partners and friends… the debris is everywhere. Our client wishes Flair nothing but the best and is sad that things have come to this after over a decade of hard work and incredible results for their client.”

Otunga pulls out of Survivor Series

In an update to a story on Friday, TMZ.com is now reporting that David Otunga will not be appearing at the Survivor Series PPV tomorrow night in Houston.

Otunga, who has been part of Kickoff Show panels, pulled out of the appearance after his split with Jennifer Hudson went public on Friday including a child custody fight.

Hudson claimed on Friday that Otunga got physical with her, something Otunga denies. She also filed a restraining order against Otunga, which could be thrown out next week.

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