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Graham Caygill of The National is featuring an interview with Paul “Triple H” Levesque talking about WWE coming to Abu Dhabi later this week.

During the interview, Roman Reigns is brought up and how a portion of wrestling fans are critical of the push he has received on WWE television in recent years.

Triple H addressed the critics describing Reigns as being one of the best in WWE right now.

“Roman is in an unique position because the fan base tends to believe that he is this chosen one that the WWE wants in this position so they choose not to accept that position. But the truth is, and some people will listen to this and want to argue against it, but honestly most of the people who argue against it aren’t qualified to make that argument.

I am. Roman is one of the most skilled performers bar none in the WWE right now and that is on every level. It is funny that Roman goes to the ring every night and there is a decision being made whether they want to boo him or cheer him depending on where you are and depends what is done.

But usually by the end of the night, because he works so hard and he is so good at what he does that he wins them over. That has been the trend recently, as you saw with John Cena, as you see with others. He is a skilled guy in the ring, no matter how you break it down. I would consider him to be one of the very best in the WWE today.”


  1. Next thing he will say is that The Miz should be headlining Wrestlemania because he can “talk” and those who don’t think so aren’t qualified to make an argument

  2. terra ryzing berates fans for knowing a poor worker when they see one.
    next up terry taylor is the dream booker…

  3. Quite often I defend roman as I honestly think alit if the hate he gets isn’t deserved but what H is forgetting here is how many years wwe have said “the fans who pay for their tickets have the right to boo who he want” Effectively saying fans arbent qualified to say roman sucks is a slap in the face as is pretty much the same as saying they’re opinion is wrong. Roman may work hard but that doesn’t make him one of the best IMO. I still think roman doesn’t deserve all the heat he gets

  4. Meanwhile his best qualifications are banging the boss’s daughter after ass kissing and coattail riding his way to the top, what douchebag!

  5. HHH might be on to something. 99.9% of the US population have never been a politician. But decide who will be in office (not just president).

  6. So he’s a “Skilled Guy” keyword their.. so guys like Sami Zayn / Seth Rollins / Cesaro ect. Aren’t skilled enough to headline Wrestlemania 3 times in a row. Beat the Undertaker in the Main event at Wrestlemania. Get multiple Universal Championship reigns. Main event time and time again.. be #30 in the royal rumble and have a WWE Championship match in the same night. Really come on already.. now Triple H is just talking out of his ass. Reigns says he sells tickets when arenas are only 50 – 70% full. The TV ratings in the 3rd hour of RAW where reigns is usually in dips 400 – 600K people. He’s decent in the ring alright I get it, but people see through WWE decisions and yes he’s a chosen one. I mean do I need to say anymore, Its honestly why I stopped watching after 15 Years.

  7. haha yeah pretty much.. Triple H has been defending reigns since the start and it’s not gonna change. It’s why I watch very little these days.

  8. This is probably not gonna be a good comparison, but Kurt Angle did the same thing in 2005. Los a WWE Championship Match against JBL and Big Show, and still entered the Royal Rumble by taking someone else’s number

  9. This just furthers the proof that kayfabe is dead. Last year Triple H was beating the hell out of of him,now he’s riding his coattails.

  10. The way I see it, the problem is with the booking. The angles they get Reigns into are some of the most forced BS i’ve ever seen. But in the ring though, the man delivers. Most may disagree, but those that do simply because they hate the character are in the wrong. Saying Reigns is carried into having good matches, like with Bryan in 2015 and AJ in 2016, is going a bit too far. One simply needs to look at his matches with Strowman this year. The quality was great and Reigns definitely wasn’t carried

  11. I understand he’s backing up for his guy…
    I can also say that HHH is not qualified to say that the fans are not qualified to say whether Reigns is among the best.
    Everyone has their own opinion and mine is Reigns is good and getting better but “among the best”?

  12. There was a guy by the name of Vincent Kennedy McMahon who once said in 1997 that the fans are smart and WWE will present a product that does not insult their intelligence anymore unleashing the greatest era in WWE history. Yet, we have a guy who was part of that era comes 20 years later and says fans are not qualified to judge and critique!
    I’m still baffled by some wrestlers who usually say that most fans don’t know the ins and outs of the business and so on but this is not the 60’s and 70s anymore. Everything is well known now and fans are intelligent enough to know the business.

  13. So watching for 15 years makes you an expert? NOPE!!! Have you worked in the industry like me? NOPE!!! I understand HHH’s point and He is right. 80% of fans don’t understand the business!!! If you understand the business then you can understand HHH’s point.

  14. I can tell you that everything is not well known. You might think it is but, that’s just not true. There are many aspect of this business that the general public will never see or know about. I’m sorry if don’t like what I said but, it’s the truth.

  15. I respect your opinion but the business is not as vague as it used to be. Some fans might not understand some of the business aspects behind some decisions but most fans do and HHH rationale is just ignorant.
    Almost all fans know why Reigns is being pushed to the moon and not taking away from his talent but there are others who are clearly superior in every aspect whether be it wrestling ability, promo skills, charity work, etc.

  16. using this logic, do you have any business judging anything if you’ve never done it before? do you have to be in politics to judge other politicians? do you need to be a chef to criticize a poorly made meal? do you have to be a mechanic before calling out a mechanic for .ing up your car?

    it’s odd how certain mentalities work. if you have no experience in wrestling, you’re not supposed to have an opinion on anything. you’re expected to just like whatever Vince McMahan or Triple H say you should like. if they say someone is talented, you should just trust them on it.

    after all, they can’t possibly make mistakes, right? i’m sure their viewpoints are 100% accurate 100% of the time.

    I admit that they’ll know more about the business then the average person. to even think that they’re always right is foolish. maybe you’ve forgotten that Vince & Triple H have made their share of mistakes during their careers.

    you say you’ve been in the business yourself. during your time, did you do everything right?

  17. He’s not wrong (how do you know we’re not in the 20% that does know?) BUT he’s wrong to say it aloud because none of us are going to like him saying it since most of us have never been in the ring or run a business in such a unique industry and it’s (in our opinion) a slap in the face…it’s not what’s best for business.

    We may not be qualified from an in-ring perspective to know what it feels like to work in the ring with him (his calling of the moves, his care for an opponent, his work ethic behind the scenes in preparing – and I think that is what Hunter is alluding to) but we know what we like in terms of skill / talent and of course have the right to our opinion … whether we feel Reigns is skilled and top level or not.

    That said, I won’t rip on Hunter regarding understanding talent as the guy did with NXT what VKM perhaps couldn’t and the dude had lived this business at every level (even before sleeping with Steph the dude was a world champ and feuding with the Rock at a tough time against WCW and leading DX when they were on fire) BUT here’s the thing – it’s a sad statement for the WWE talent pool right now when I think he may be right about Reigns being near the top (even if I’m not a fan) at least in my opinion but it’s because right now so many are green, not ready on the mic and nowhere near a main event ready.

    I mean list the main event caliber talent right now and when you seen how small the list is you realize why they need to rely on Lesnar / Heyman for big bumps in numbers.

  18. People decide your champ not you, It’s who they get behind that counts they buy the merch and subscribe to the network and go to the house shows. He should have been made heel long ago and probably by now he would be bigger than Cena. When Heel Jericho and Hogan turned I went crazy much like Hot Rod!

  19. Translation: “. you, idiot braindead fans. We’ll do what we want and your stupid asses will beg for more and throw your money at us. Now, shut up and cheer.”

  20. Yes they don’t have a flying clue about what they’re doing with abnormaly popular babyfaces such as Zayn and Bayley. Their latest attempt with Zayn revealed their blatant inability to book babyfaces convincingly

  21. You don’t have to know everything about food to know if you had a bad meal. The same goes for pro wrestling.

    Maybe Vince McMahon and Triple H should be served moldy bread by Emeril Lagasse. I doubt they’ll eat it.

  22. We should give him credit where it’s due i.e. his vision for NXT, putting over two young stars at successive WrestleManias and paving the way for former indy standouts in the WWE.

    Of course, he has had his fair share of crimes and backstage conspiracies in this business but after all these years, i can confidently claim that he’s much much better, wiser and prudent than his deranged father in law

  23. No
    He KNOWS that Reigns IS NOT the guy they were looking for but he won’t tarnish his relationship with his senile dad for vocal fans

  24. I know Reigns has the in ring factor going for him but he’s too green in other areas.

    Vince bastárd will torment in hell for eternity for his crimes and messing up Reigns’ character with his own hands

  25. Working hard isn’t even a credible argument because almost everybody works hard.

    Heath Slater should’ve been world champion by now if we follow such standards

  26. You aren’t fooling anybody HHH
    Where’s that cerebral assassin that we all have witnessed during the attitude era?

    Say it Triple H say it!
    Say it to your mindless dad in law’s face that HE’S WRONG
    You’re his daughter’s husband, he won’t hurt you in any way, shape or form because HE CAN’T.

    You aren’t lying to us Hunter but to yourself. You know that Reigns has miserably failed just like Jordan but you’re still afraid to admit it publicly.

    You’re the only one who has the authority to say this to Vince’s face. Say it Triple H say it

  27. He’s defending it because he’s his dad’s handpicked project and he doesn’t wanna strain his relationship with him over an argument against Reigns

  28. Reigns IS NOT his guy
    He would’ve never picked him in the first place for the company ace’s role.

    He’s HIS DAD’s guy

  29. Even if we’re not qualified to assess his “skills” or determine if he’s the best, we know if we enjoy watching him in the ring, which I do not. I like Kevin Owens, Cesaro, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. Watching them work in the ring in a match or in a promo is entertaining to me. Anything Roman does I’m like, meh…

    twitter / @yobond

  30. Triple H can take it and he can shove it, much as i like Triple H this is nonsense and just words of protection WWE policy.Cena was sucks too but Roman sucks even more then Cena and they put it in our face like it or not we gonna watch if want watch WWE.But because stuff like this i am not inspire like before for wrestling i watch it more like habit and from weekly shows only best moments not full shows like before, because put in my face such shit i cant tolerate it, that why and Smackdown is better show there talent is much better.

  31. i don’t know if this was ever true, but there used to be claims that the writers came from Hollywood. if there’s truth to it, then we have/had writers that never had wrestling experience prior to becoming WWE writers.

  32. What do u mean he isn’t connecting with the crowd?
    The reactions he gets from the universe, be it cheering or booing, is loud and clear.
    If there were no connection then there will be dead silence and that’s the worst thing that can happen to a superstar or any celebrity.

  33. Question: If you know so much recently what’s going on, why did you say you stopped watching after 15 years? Or are you saying you are stopping as of now? Just curious, no harm.

  34. It’s funny for HHH to say that the fans aren’t qualified to argue but this is who they’re catering to because it is the fans who spend the money to give them the lifestyle they have Reigns isn’t a bad guy…he isn’t a good guy but to many people he isn’t THE guy he’s been protected and booked horribly at the same time even now although he’s won some people over it’s hard to forget about the past when they keep bringing up in promos about how he’s the company guy or the chosen one

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