Raw Results – 6/28/10

Monday Night RAW
Philadelphia, PA
June 28th 2010
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry “The King” Lawler
Report by: David Stephens of Wrestleview.com

Are you ready? Then stop questioning your heart and join me, because it is time for Monday Night RAW!

Before we head to the live show, a video package airs highlighting the attack of the Nexus against Mr. McMahon at the end of last week’s RAW. The commentators inform us that Wade Barret is meeting with WWE officials in regards to the future of the Nexus as a result of their actions. They promise to bring us updates during the show, if any become available. Also, we are informed that the McMahon family has been keeping quiet regarding the condition of Mr. McMahon.

Sheamus’ music hits and he enters the ring. He says that he has a message on behalf of the entire company – “The Champ is Here”! Sheamus is generating an enormous amount of heat in Philly tonight. Sheamus says that because Cena used his rematch clause last week, John is no longer the #1 Contender for the Title.

Sheamus says he is glad that he no longer has to hear the dumb Cena chants and slogans. He no longer has to see the tacky orange shirts, and he no longer has to endure the name calling in regards to his fine Irish skin. Sheamus never has to deal with Cena again. Sheamus says, “I hate you John Cena”.

On cue, Cena’s music hits and he comes out to the ring to quite an ovation. Sheamus is not too pleased by the interruption. Sheamus tells Cena that he is not going to get another shot at the Title, so why is he out here? Cena says that he knows, but that’s not why he is out here. Cena is out in the ring to ask for help. Cena says that everyone saw how Sheamus won the Title, and they saw how Sheamus retained. Cena says that it was because of Nexus. And since Cena is no longer Champ, it means they are coming often the human jar of mayonnaise next!

Cena asks him for help. Sure they hate each other, but Cena is asking him for one night only to help him. Cena is calling out the entire Nexus. They are going to start off RAW with an old fashioned brawl! The crowd is hot, but the GeneralMail sound hits, and Michael Cole takes to a podium.

Yes, a podium. It has a laptop on it, and says RAW General Manager. Cole says that he believes he has an email. Cole makes the announcement that the General Manager has informed him that he will not make any announcements regarding Nexus until next week. Furthermore, if any Nexus star attacks a RAW superstar they will be fired! If a WWE Superstar attacks a Nexus member, they will be suspended.

Cena says that is okay, even though they can’t have a brawl, the night is not ruined. Instead, they can kick things off with a Title match! Another GeneralMail alert. The GM declares that Sheamus WILL be in action tonight, but instead of Cena, it will be against the World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry. Cena starts to flip out. He says he hasn’t been this upset since his mom cancelled his World of Warcraft account. He tells Cole to have the GM email him on his personal email account.

Cena’s e-mail address? candypants564@gmail.org. He says it is a non-profit thing they have going on.

Cole gets another email, this time putting over the Money in the Bank PPV coming up in three weeks. Cole says that at this time, the GM would like to “demonstrate”. Sheamus says that he has had enough, and he is out of here. Sheamus leaves the ring. A cage starts to lower from the ceiling. Cole gets another email, this time saying that at the Money in the Bank PPV, it will be a Steel Cage Match between Sheamus and Cena for the Title.


We come back and are supposed to be having a 6 man-tag match between The Usos and the Hart Dynasty. The music for the Hart Dynasty hits, but they are attacked on their way to the ring. Tamara throws Natalya into the ring, and then scales to the top rope. She leaps and connects with a Superfly Splash a la her father, Jimmy Snuka.

We head to the back where Josh Mathews is with R-Truth. He asks Truth what he feels about the actions of the Nexus. Truth says that they are acting like a bunch of wild zoo animals. They shouldn’t be fired, that is too easy. Instead, they should be kept right here in the WWE Zoo. Because he is the Zoo keeper, and that’s the Truth!


We are treated to a video recap of the Santino v. Kozlov dance off

If Santino Wins, Kozlov becomes his Tag partner

Vladimir Kozlov v. Santino Marella

Santino slaps Kozlov on the head, and tries to take him down. It fails, and Kozlov tries for a leg hold, but Santino actually reverses into a submission maneuver. Kozlov breaks the hold, but actually smiles for a moment. Kozlov slams him down to the mat, and goes for the cover, but Santino kicks out. Kozlov then connects with a head butt, and locks on a rear hold. Kozlov hits his finisher and this match is over.

Winner via Being Kozlov: Kozlov

After the match, Kozlov tries to help Santino up, but he falls over like a rag doll. Kozlov exits the ring laughing. Regal is ringside to congratulate Kozlov. Once Kozlov passes him, Regal runs into the ring and attacks Santino! Kozlov will have none of this and runs into the ring to save Santino! Kozlov carries Santino to the back on his shoulders.

Josh Mathews is in the back with The Great Khali and Ranjin. Josh asks what actions if any should be taken against the Nexus. Khali responds, but instead of translating, Ranjin begins to vent. He says that the Great Khali is a dumb Giant, and that his brother is tired of protecting him. If Nexus showed up, Khali would run away like (something that I’m sure translates to something reminiscent of coward). The only word that Khali understands is the last one, and has a puzzled look on his face as we head to commercial.


Justin Roberts introduces tonight’s guest host. Rob Zombie. Rob comes out to the ring and plugs his new album. He says that he has the list of names of competitors for the RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Here they are:

Randy Orton
The Miz
Chris Jericho
Evan Bourne
Ted Dibiase
John Morrison

Edge’s face appears on the Titantron. Edge says that he hasn’t talked to Rob, since Edge called him personally to drop his song as his entrance theme. Rob disagrees, countering that he took the song back because he was tired of Edge destroying it. Zombie tells the crowd bye, and heads to the back. Edge asks if that’s it. Did he scare away the horror director? The astro freak? Edge says that the only thing that matters is the fact that he won the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match.

Video Package airs of Edge winning, and cashing in the case to win Cena’s Title in 2006

Edge says that he is going to show just how twisted he is, because he owns the Money in the Bank ladder match. Because when a viper runs into a guy with a 20 ft. tall ladder, he gets his crushed. Edge will win the title!

GeneralMail alert: Tonight’s main event will feature all 8 participants of the money in the bank ladder match. It will be an 8 man tag extravaganza.

In the back, Mark Henry is preparing for his match against Sheamus, and it is up next.


Sheamus v. Mark Henry

Sheamus runs right after Henry, but finds himself thrown back. Sheamus then hits a DDT, and goes for the cover, Henry kicks out. Sheamus locks on a headlock, and then pounds on the head of Henry. He goes for another cover, and once against Mark kicks out. Sheamus goes right back to the rear headlock. Henry breaks the hold, and runs after Sheamus. Sheamus kicks him with a boot. Sheamus follows this up with a running knee to the gut.

Henry is able to recover, and sends Sheamus down to the mat with a shoulder block. Henry follows up with a clothesline, and then a standing splash. Henry goes for the cover, but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus rolls to the outside of the ring. Henry follows after, and actually lifts Sheamus over his head and throws him back into the ring. Sheamus gets to his feet and connects with the Big Boot to face of Henry for the win.

Winner via Big Boot: Sheamus

Josh Mathews is in the back with the Nexus crew sans Wade. Just asks them how they feel about the stipulation that they will be fired if they attack a WWE Superstar. They point out the fact that it works both ways, because a WWE Superstar will be suspended if they lay a hand on a member of the Nexus. They say that because of this, they can still make an impact. Skip Sheffield attacks a crew member to illustrate their point. The Nexus members laugh as we head to commercial.


Jerry Lawler is in the ring, and plugs the upcoming Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat DVD which is being released tomorrow. A video package airs, and then Lawler introduces Steamboat to the crowd.

Arn Anderson, Mike Rotondu, Michael Hayes and Dean Malenko amongst others come out to congratulate Ricky. They each go around and take a moment to congratulate him, and tell a joke or two. Michael Hayes did the moonwalk. That is worth mentioning. Once they finish, Ricky takes a moment to address and thank the crowd.

The theme of the Nexus hits, and they make their way down to ringside. It looks like they have found a loophole, because technically the guys in the ring aren’t WWE Superstars. They have the ring surrounded, but are hesitant to enter. They try one at a time, and fail. But then, they grab Arn and drag him to the outside of the ring. From there, the whole Nexus group have no problem destroying Anderson.

Dean Malenko is the next dragged out of the ring, and he is thrown pretty hard into the guard rail. From there, IRS finds himself on the outside of the ring. It is fair game at this point as the Hall of Famers are now outnumbered 6 to 3. All 6 jump on the apron, and taunt the Legends. The numbers game is simply too much as the Nexus clears the ring, and takes out the entire group.

Ricky is still in the ring, and tries to get back to his feet. He is completely surrounded by the Nexus and has nowhere to run. They are taunting him to strike first. Finally he takes a shot at Michael Tarver, and from there they have his number. Skip Sheffield delivers a devastating arm lariat onto Steamboat as other Nexus members whip him straight at him. Dragon is set up on the mat, and Justin Gabriel takes to the top turnbuckle. Gabriel pauses for a moment, almost seeming to hesitate, but then connects with his absurdly beautiful 450 Splash. The Nexus members stare cockily at the crowd as the show goes to commercial.


We return to RAW as Ricky is being helped out on a stretcher. Cole clearly outlines why the Nexus was “allowed” to attack the Legends, and why the WWE Superstars were unable to help.


Josh Mathews has joined Michael Cole to replace the attacked Jerry Lawler.

Alicia Fox & Maryse v. Eve Torres & Gail Kim

Alicia and Eve start things off in the match. Eve is whipped into the ropes, and goes for a sunset flip. Alicia counters and hits a knee to the face of Eve. Alicia cockily helps Eve to her feet and whips her into the corner. Eve falls down to the mat, and Fox grabs her with a snapmare take down. Fox goes for the pin for some reason, and Torres obviously kicks out. Maryse is tagged into this match.

Maryse tries for a cover, but Eve kicks out. Maryse whips Eve hard into the corner, and then tags Alicia back into the ring. Fox whips Eve into the turnbuckle and tries for a knee, but misses. Eve reaches the corner and tags in Gail Kim. Fox is caught with a Hurricarana, which is followed up by a tilt a whirl counter from Kim which results in a crossbody cover. Fox kicks out. Alicia slides out of the ring, and knocks Eve off the apron. Maryse enters the ring, but gets caught with a punch from Kim. Fox slides into the ring and hits her finisher on Kim for the win.

Winners via Scissor Kick: Alicia Fox & Maryse


8 Man Tag Extravaganza

Edge, Chris Jericho, The Miz & Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse v. Randy Orton, Evan Bourne, R-Truth & John Morrison

The match starts off with John Morrison slamming Dibiase to the mat. He then lifts him up and holds him by the neck as he tags in Truth. Dibiase breaks free with a punch and then runs at full speed towards Truth. R lifts him up and sends him flying to the outside of the ring. Evan Bourne gets the tag and is on the apron. He jumps off at Ted and connects with a flying knee. Both men make it back into the ring and Bourne goes for the pin, no luck.

Dibiase tags in the Miz. Bourne hits a strong arm drag and goes for the cover, Miz kicks out. Miz then connects with several kicks, but finds himself whipped into the corner. Evan follows up with a double knee to the gut and a pin attempt. Miz kicks out. Miz counters a splash attempt, and sends Bourne towards the heel corner. Dibiase hits a cheap shot, and Miz tags in Chris Jericho. Jericho goes straight after Bourne, using a wheelbarrow lift to plant Evan’s neck on the bottom rope. Jericho follows this up by baseball kicking him out of the ring.

Jericho lets Bourne back into the ring, and then teases him by letting him get near the face corner, only to pull him back and tag in Miz. Miz is back in the ring and hits sledgehammer like blows to the chest of Bourne. Miz then lifts Bourne’s face up into the air with a rear chokehold. Miz releases, and goes for a vertical suplex. Bourne counters, and tags in Morrison!

John comes off strong and sends Miz shipping into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Morrison then hits him with the flying Chuck to set up for Starship Pain. Dibiase pulls him out of the ring, and Morrison flies over the top rope to take them both out! Dibiase comes over to make the save, and rolls Miz back into the ring.


We come back as it is Jericho going for a cover on Morrison. John kicks out, and Edge is tagged into the ring. Edge kicks Morrison in the gut twice, and then connects with an axe handle punch. Morrison tries to escape, but Edge trips him up with his legs, and tags in Dibiase. Ted goes right after Morrison with a series of kicks and then pushes him up into the corner. Morrison is breathing for air, as Dibiase connects with a knee to the gut. John starts to battle back, but is caught with a scoop slam. Dibiase goes for the cover, but Morrison kicks out. Dibiase then locks on a rear headlock.

Edge is tagged back into the matchup and he starts to kick relentlessly on the grounded Shaman of Sexy. Morrison is in the corner as he is caught with a big boot to the skull. Edge is setting up for the Spear, and is ready to pounce. Edge charges, but Morrison dodges. John is struggling to reach his corner, and Edge decides to go after Morrison instead of heading for his own corner. Morrison connects with a HARD kick to the head of Edge and both men are now down on the mat!

Edge tags Jericho and Morrison tags Bourne. Bourne comes in and connects with a quick hurricarana followed up by a heel kick to the jaw. Jericho gets to his feet only to be met with a kick to the gut and a pin attempt. Jericho kicks out. Bourne heads to the top rope, but Jericho runs up after. Bourne knocks him off and goes for the Shooting Star Press. Jericho dodges, Bourne lands on his feet, but gets hit with the Code Breaker!! Both men are flat on the mat.

Dibiase and Orton get the hot tags! Randy Orton runs right after his former mentee and hits the RKO! This match is over!

Winners via RKO: Randy Orton, Evan Bourne, John Morrison & R-Truth

After the match, Edge comes into the ring to attack Orton. He then picks up the ladder and takes out R-Truth. Bourne and Morrison come in to make the save. Dibiase is thrown to the outside! Bourne leaps out after him! Miz is in the ring now and sees the ladder, he sets it up and begins to scale the rungs. Before Miz can reach the top, Orton comes into the ring and knocks the ladder over, taking out the Miz. Orton sets the ladder back up, and retrieves the Money in the Bank case.

RAW Thoughts

I’m still 100% behind this mystery GM angle, and especially the podium that they had set up at ringside. I’m standing by my statement that the WWE probably doesn’t even have someone picked out yet for the role. That very fact could be quite a wise decision. The only fault I find at the moment is that sometimes the GeneralMail alerts come off as a bit cheesy.

RAW had a really lame kick off tonight. It was amazingly lame. I will probably get shunned for this, but I’m usually a John Cena fan. He has a lot of old school motifs incorporated into his character that I really like. My problem tonight was that he just took the PG thing to a whole other level with his complaining. His mom cancelled his World of Warcraft account? Really? Does anyone actually believe Cena ever played Warcraft? I mean, to be fair I’ve never played the game so my assumption could be wrong, but it just doesn’t sound like the kind of thing he would play. I’m just saying.

Is it asking too much to actually see the Hart Dynasty wrestle? They need to stopped getting jumped every time they enter the ring. How can I even form an opinion on The Usos when the only thing I ever see them do is flop from the top rope? It’s getting boring.

R-Truth is a Zoo-Keeper? Wtf…

I’m glad they finally decided to make the Kozlov/Santino connection happen. Sure it came off as awfully contrived, but honestly, I’m just glad the wait is over.

Talk about a lackluster announcement regarding the Money in the Bank PPV. Rob Zombie simply read the names, and shared a couple sentences with Edge.

Sheamus v. Mark Henry was really missing something. I don’t know if it was the incredibly short length, or something else, but it was a lackluster match.

I’m not trying to be negative about RAW tonight, you all know how I feel about that, but it was just not a fantastic RAW show, save the main event.

They played that Aretha Franklin Snickers commercial like every commercial break. At least that’s what it felt like. I mean, I like it and all, but they showed it way too much.

I guess that poor crew guy that Skip Sheffield attacked doesn’t count under the clause restricting the actions of the Nexus that was decreed at the beginning of RAW. Sucks to be him.

At first I was puzzled by the Ricky Steamboat segment, because it seemed a bit too corny for me. I mean that is what the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony is for, but at the same time it was kind of sweet, so I’ll let it go. I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting the Nexus to emerge during the segment. I actually thought we might see Chris Jericho given the history, but what did transpire made a lot more sense. I am a bit puzzled because I really thought that Lawler counted as a WWE Superstar, but I guess not. I understand why there were no Superstars that responded due to the suspension clause, but where the hell was security? Really? REALLY? I don’t want to go down that road again because I got a lot of angry emails the last time I complained. But come on.

I have said it once, and I’ll say it again, Justin Gabriel has an absurdly beautiful 450 Splash.

I’m praying that Alicia Fox gets moved in some sort of Emergency trade over to Smackdown. I can’t stand her, at all. She is incredibly sloppy, and not too stellar to look at. I have jokingly made comments the last couple of weeks, but now she is really starting to bother me. At least she used to accompany people I got a kick out of like DJ Gabriel and Zack Ryder. Maybe the WWE forgot, but we are in a bad economic time right now. Stop wasting precious money on her contract.

The main event of RAW had me thinking about the latest edition of Wrestling Rumblings by Jose Marrero. Seriously, he made some really great points regarding giving away certain matchups on free TV. I invite you all to check it out because it illustrates my thoughts on the main event quite clearly.

While I am on the subject of WrestleView columns, Badseed’s Bottomline just made its return to WrestleView, and I am among those most excited. His column is leaps and bounds above most you will find on the web. He is one my all-time favorites and an inspiration that has helped lead me to where I am today. Please check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, back to the match itself. I was pretty damn happy with it. Usually these 8 man matches tend to turn into a cluster—- and not the intended slobberknocker. Tonight, however, it was near perfect. I was very happy with the ebb and flow. Just a really fun match with top stars. As a WWE fan, I don’t see how you could not have been happy. It was like a microcosm of the product. Very well done.

As weird as it sounds, it was actually almost a relief to not have the Nexus close RAW. It wouldn’t have made sense tonight, and was planned out fairly well. I’m never for wrestling becoming predictable, so I was happy with the lights staying on in the arena and being treated to a “normal” kind of ending for the show.

Send me some e-mails, and have a safe week everyone!

David Stephens

So that’s RAW…. Love it? Hate it? Disagree with everything I said? Just want to chat wrestling? I’m always up for reading your thoughts and do my absolute best to reply to every message I get. Send them over to me at david@wrestleview.com.

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