WWE Monday Night Raw
July 26, 2010
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Report by: Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

Note: David Stephens was having some issues with both his power and internet earlier this evening and will return next week.

John Cena is out to kick off the show. He talked about how The Nexus domminated Raw for weeks on end and how that will end once his team takes them out at Summerslam. Chris Jericho comes out and said he takes offense to Cena calling it “his” team. He said he isn’t Cena’s friend and is only on this team because he wants to get back at Wade Barrett and Nexus for what they did to him. Cena smacked the mic out of Jericho’s hand and told him to stop it. He put over how important Jericho was to the team. Jericho tells him to never slap a mic out of his hand ever again. He berates Cena saying they will all follow his rules at Summerslam. We get the email noise and the Raw GM wants to weigh in. The GM books Cena and Jericho in a tag team match tonight against two opponents to be named later. Also confirmed is that the big 7-on-7 tag team match at Summerslam will now be an elimination match. Cole reading the email concluded, “And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya…”

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We see highlights from last week of The Miz trying to cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase against Sheamus, but R-Truth breaking it up when he came out to confront Miz.

Back live, WWE Champion Sheamus is on his way out and takes a seat next to Lawler and Cole.

Randy Orton def. Jey Uso. Orton beat Uso with an RKO in a short match.

After the match, Sheamus ran in and ended up kicking Jimmy Uso (who was at ringside) with a big kick to the face. Orton then hit Sheamus with an RKO. The Miz’s music hit and he ran out trying to cash in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase for a second week in a row. Orton then rolled back in and gave Miz an RKO to break it up.

Backstage, Edge runs down The Great Khali to Ted DiBiase and Maryse saying he shouldn’t be on the team at Summerslam. As he walks away, we see Ranjin Singh listening on in the background.

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Back live, The Miz and Sheamus are arguing. We get the email noise and we need to excuse Michael Cole. The Raw GM has found the team that will challenge John Cena and Chris Jericho tonight – WWE Champion Sheamus and WWE United States Champion The Miz.

Summerslam Recall: From 1988 when The Ultimate Warrior defeated The Honky Tonk Man to become the new WWF Intercontinental Champion.

Backstage, The Great Khali walks in Edge’s room with Rajin Singh. Singh said he told Khali what he said earlier. Edge said that is crazy as he respects Khali. Khali challenges Edge to a match tonight. Edge says he will only accept under one rule: if he beats Khali then Khali is off the team at Summerslam.

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Edge vs. The Great Khali ended in a no contest. The stipulation was that if Khali lost then he was off the seven man team at Summerslam against The Nexus. Halfway through the match, The Nexus walked down. Both Edge and Ranjin Singh bailed. Nexus surrounded the ring and then surrounded Khali in the middle of the ring. Khali stared them all down. The Nexus then backed off and allowed Khali to leave the ring.

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The Nexus def. Team Raw (Mark Henry, Goldust, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Evan Bourne, Yoshi Tatsu & Jerry “The King” Lawler) in a 7-on-7 elimination match. This is a preview of the tag team match at Summerslam. Yoshi Tatsu was eliminated first by Michael Tarver hitting a big snap powerslam. Jerry Lawler was eliminated during the break when Lawler by Heath Slater when Lawler missed his top rope right hand and Slater hit Lawler with a reverse neckbreaker. David Hart Smith was eliminated third by Heath Slater when Slater hit his reverse jumping neckbreaker. Goldust was eliminated fourth by David Otunga following a spinebuster. Goldust looked like he tweaked his hip or knee while wrestling with Slater. Mark Henry was eliminated fifth by Skip Sheffield following his stiff clothesline. It is now 7 on 2. Tyson Kidd was out next and was eliminated by Darren Young (which was set up for him by Sheffield). The only one left was Evan Bourne as Wade Barrett walked in. Nexus was too much as Bourne was eliminated last to get the clean sweep as Cole described it when Barrett hit his finisher.

After the match, The Nexus took turns beating up Evan Bourne some more. Barrett took the mic and said the cracks are already starting to show with John Cena’s team due to all the massive egos. He assured everyone those cracks will destroy the very foundation of that team at Summerslam. Skip Sheffield says no one on Cena’s team will sacrifice themselves as they would do in The Nexus. He said they are unbreakable. Michael Tarver said Summerslam will be no different from what they did tonight. He hopes they leave John Cena last at Summerslam so they can take their time.

Backstage, Sheamus confronted The Miz about what he tried to the last two weeks in cashing in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase. Sheamus said Miz will never complete his goal of beating him for the WWE Championship and said he can beat Miz whenever he wants. Miz says how about tonight after they beat Cena and Jericho. Sheamus slaps Miz’s briefcase away and said this is a warning to stop trying to push him.

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WWE Divas Champion Alicia Fox w/ Jillian Hall def. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella. Fox got the win over Brie with the axe kick. Before the finish, Jillian prevented The Bella’s from doing the switcharoo at ringside. After the match, Jillian congratulated Fox on her win and wanted to sing her a song in celebration. Fox kicked Jillian and gave her an axe kick to the delight of the crowd in San Antonio.

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Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse def. John Morrison. R-Truth joined Cole and Lawler on commentary at ringside during the match. The finish saw Maryse distract Morrison allowing DiBiase to get a roll up. DiBiase tried using the ropes during the pin, but Truth broke it up. Morrison accidentally took out Truth when DiBiase gave him a drop toe hold into the ropes and then got the rollup for the win.

After the match, John Morrison and R-Truth. Truth tried to apologize and Morrison was upset. The arguing between the two continued on the ramp as we saw a shot backstage of a worried John Cena.

A promo for the Wrestlemania 26 special on NBC airing Saturday, August 7 at 9:00 p.m. ET (8:00 p.m. CT) is shown.

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Backstage, Josh Mathews asked Randy Orton if he gave Miz an RKO tonight so he could face Sheamus at Summerslam instead for the WWE Championship. Orton said if you watched closely he gave Sheamus an RKO as well and the message is this: no matter who it is, someone is getting an RKO at Summerslam and he is walking out champion.

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WWE Champion Sheamus & WWE United States Champion The Miz def. John Cena & Chris Jericho. When the match started, both teams were arguing about who would start first. The teams eventually started to work together. Both Miz and Sheamus kept up the quick tags to stay on Jericho and keep him grounded. Cena eventually got the hot tag and took out Sheamus with a five knuckle shuffle. Jericho then gave Cena a Codebreaker, Miz tagged himself in and pinned Cena for the win.

After the match, Jericho returned to the ring and applied the Walls of Jericho on Cena. Cena countered out and applied the STF on Jericho who started tapping out. The Great Khali walked down and told them to stop fighting. Edge hit the ring and gave Khali a spear. Morrison and R-Truth are now in. Morrison and Truth started shoving each other. Everyone on the team started arguing. Khali hit a chop on Morrison and Edge. The show went off the air with Jericho yelling at everyone

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