Raw Results – 12/27/10

WWE Monday Night Raw
Albany, NY
December 27th 2010
Commentators: Michael Cole & Jerry “The King” Lawler
Reported by: David Stephens of WrestleView.com

Are you pumped to see Jerry “The King” Lawler wrestle The Miz yet again? Then stop questioning your heart and join me because it is time for Monday Night Raw!!!

John Cena’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring amidst a thunderous ovation. He comments that there is a lot of energy in the room again this week. Cena wants to talk about last week. He shows the clip of CM Punk attacking him with a chair last Monday. Cena says that he brought this upon himself. In his pursuit of the Nexus, he accidentally spilled Punk’s diet soda. He apologizes for spilling the soda off the commentary table, and shows the clip of Punk attacking him with a chair on Smackdown. Cena calls out Punk and asks him to express his grievances.

Punk’s music hits and he walks out on the entrance ramp. Punk mocks the fans’ love for Cena. He says he is impressed that Cena makes himself seem like a normal person, when in fact he is thoughtless and dishonest. Punk says that this goes well beyond the spilled diet soda. Punk is angry because Cena said that he was leaving, yet he appeared again the same night, and the next week after. Punk says that Cena’s word is clearly useless. Then, after the match with Wade Barret he dropped 15 steel chairs on him.

Cena interrupts and says that’s balderdash. It wasn’t 15 steel chairs, it was 23 steel chairs! Cena says that Nexus beat him down 5,000 times and ended his career. Punk says that is a joke, a real career that was ruined was Batista’s, which Cena ended. Punk goes further to call out the fact that Cena has verbally tortured Vickie Guerrero.

Cena retorts by saying that Batista broke his neck. As far as the name calling, Cena makes fun of everybody. Punk says that his first two attacks were warning shots. Punk says that hustle, loyalty, and respect are jokes to Cena. He knows the real Cena and says that it is going to have to stop. The crowd begins a loud Cena chant. Cena says that it doesn’t look like anything is stopping anytime soon.

Cena says that the brilliant thing about the WWE is that they don’t have to sit go through the People’s Court to resolve their differences. They can settle their difference in the ring in front of the entire WWE Universe. Punk says that they can do it live on Monday Night Raw right here in Albany. Punk thanks Cena for being so predictable. See tonight isn’t the John Cena show, it is the CM Punk show. So sometime tonight, it will be Punk standing in the ring, calling Cena out. Punk says that if Cena was shocked by the chair attacks the past couple of weeks, than tonight will be a night that he never forgets. Punk says that this is Monday Night Raw and it is about fun. So, he wishes Cena and all of Cena’s fans a very Happy New Year.

Tonight: King Sheamus v. Randy Orton
Non-Title Main Event: WWE Champion The Miz v. Jerry “The King” Lawler


Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse v. Santino w/ Tamina

Santino runs into the ropes and is hit with a quick arm lariat. Cover attempt, but Santino kicks out. Dibiase jumps behind Santino to apply a one arm choke hold. Santino slides free and hits a snap roll up. This match is over!

Winner via Roll Up: Santino

After the match, Santino is holding a wrapped present. He presents it to Tamina. She opens the box, and it is Santino’s arm in the shape of the cobra. Tamina coyly smiles, but Dibiase runs up from behind and attacks Santino! Maryse joins in on Tamina. Santino and Tamina battle back and hit stereo cobras on their foes.

In the back, The Miz is talking to Alex Riley. Miz asks if Riley understands the magnitude of his match against Morrison tonight. Riley says that he will pin him. Miz says that a victory isn’t good enough, he must beat him so that Morrison never wants to step foot into the ring with Miz again. Riley asks if that is what he is going to do to Lawler. Miz says of course. Morrison appears in the shot. Morrison proposes that if he beats Riley he wants to pick the stipulation and date for their Title match. If he loses, he will forfeit his #1 Contenders slot!


John Morrison v. Alex Riley w/ The Miz

Riley is backed into the corner, and Morrison pummels him with a series of forearms. Morrison follows with a backbreaker and goes for a cover. Two count, but Riley kicks out. Riley kicks the gut of Morrison and places him in the corner. Riley whips him to the opposite post, and goes for a cover. Kick out by Morrison. Riley hits a simple slam, and goes for another cover. Morrison kicks out. Riley applies a rear headlock, but Morrison uses his fists to escape. A modified side slam from Riley leads to another cover. Morrison kicks out. Riley again whips him into the corner, and hits him with a clothesline. Morrison kicks out of yet another pin attempt.

Riley goes for a Singapore Arm Sling, but Morrison tosses him off. Morrison is on his feet now and hits two clotheslines. It’s a heel kick to the face of Riley which staggers the man who was once in control. Morrison is looking for the Flash Kick, but Miz pulls the ropes out of his way. Morrison crashes to the mat, and Referee Charles Robinson evicts the Miz from ringside. Riley tries for a cover, but Morrison kicks out. Morrison hits a kick to the face, then follows with a running knee to the skull of a seated Riley. This match is over.

Winner: John Morrison

After the match, Morrison shakes King’s hand at the commentary booth. He tells him that he wants his Championship match next week, and it will be Falls Count Anywhere!


In the locker room, The Miz is yelling at Riley for his in ring performance against Morrison.

CM Punk is in the back instructing a camera man on how to best capture his calling out of Cena.

Daniel Bryan is in his locker room with The Bellas. They complain that they were alone without him under the mistletoe on Christmas. Tyson Kidd and his lovable body guard saunter into the room. Tyson asks if Bryan is a millionaire. Bryan says no, which makes Kidd question why the Bellas would be hanging around with him. Tyson boldly predicts that he will be the United States Champion in 2011. Not bad for a Canadian, eh?

In yet another locker room, Josh Mathews is interviewing Randy Orton. He asks Orton for his thoughts on Morrison’s match against The Miz for the Championship next week. Orton says that he hopes Miz will win. Not because he dislikes Morrison, but because when he wins the Championship back, he wants it to be from The Miz.


Josh Mathews has joined Michael Cole on commentary as King has gone to the back to prepare for his match against The Miz later tonight.

Tyson Kidd w/ Jackson Andrews v. Mark Henry

There is a 219 pound weight difference between tonight’s competitors. Kidd runs behind Henry and tries to punch his back. Henry grabs him and throws him into the corner. Henry scoop slams Kidd, and then looks for a modified pot of gold. Kidd rolls out of the way, and then dropkicks the head of Henry. Kidd locks on a rear headlock. Henry escapes, and gets to his feet. He hits the World’s Strongest Slam, and this match is over!

Winner via World’s Strongest Slam: Mark Henry

After the match, the man who takes his moniker from the 7th President of the United States (except in reverse order), Jackson Andrews, enters the ring. He stares down Henry and looks to attack. Henry scoops him up and hits another World’s Strongest Slam!


The Miz is in the ring with Alex Riley. Miz has the mic and puts himself over as the greatest WWE Champion of all time. He claims that Lou Thesz cannot hold a candle to him.

The Miz w/ Alex Riley v. Jerry “The King” Lawler

Miz pushes Lawler to the ground, and walks over his back. Miz takes a moment to gloat to the crowd. Lawler gets to his feet, and locks on a side headlock. The Miz is able to escape and pushes Lawler back down to the ground. He jumps on his back and punches him multiple times. Miz is unrelenting. He lays into Lawler with punch after punch, kick after kick, and lariat after lariat. Riley even gets in a cheap punch from ringside. Not even the Grinch was this cruel to the Whos in Whoville.

Morrison’s music hits and comes out to the entrance ramp. The Miz runs at Lawler, who is in the corner. He connects with one splash, but misses his second. Lawler connects with not one, not two, but THREE drop kicks! Lawler goes for a cover, but Miz kicks out. Miz tries for another splash, but misses for the second time. Miz is standing on the apron, and heads up the turnbuckle. As Miz is perched on top, Lawler knocks him to the outside. Riley distracts the referee by trying to enter the ring. During the referee’s lapse in attention, Morrison nails Miz with a kick to the face. The count hits 10, and this match is over!

Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler

CM Punk is in the back with Sheamus. He tells Sheamus that what he is doing to Cena is for him, and every other victim of Cena’s hurtful insults.


Natalya has joined commentary for the next match, and King has rejoined the booth.

Alicia Fox & Melina v. Eve Torres & Gail Kim

Eve and Fox kicks things off. Fox drags Eve towards the corner and tags in Melina. Eve is sent towards the post, and Melina crashes into her with a double knee jump. Eve is able to escape, and tags in Gail Kim. Gail heads to the top rope and hits a nice missile dropkick. Eve and Fox begin to bRawl on the outside. Melina sets up Gail Kim and hits her with the Sunset Split.

Winners via Sunset Split: Melina & Alicia Fox

After the match, Natalya walks into the ring. She offers her hand for a shake to Natalya. Melina accepts, but then tries to slap her across the face. Natalya ducks, and hits her own slap.

CM Punk is in the health center of the arena and talking to the paramedics. He tells them to be ready to clean up tonight. CM Punk claims that what he will do to Cena is not his responsibility. It is the entire WWE Universe that is responsible.

Daniel Bryan w/ The Bellas v. Zack Ryder

We come back as this match is already underway. Ryder goes for a cover attempt, but Bryan kicks free. Ryder tries for a neckbreaker, but Bryan counters into the LeBelle lock. This match is over.

Winner via LeBelle lock: Daniel Bryan

*GeneralMail Alert
And I quote…

I can only hope that everyone in the WWE Universe has enjoyed the Holidays. I vow as the General Manager, that this upcoming year will be the greatest in the history of Monday Night Raw –

Before Cole can continue, The Miz appears through the crowd and attacks Jerry Lawler! He brutalizes him at the commentary booth and throws him into the side of the ring. Miz then picks him up by the head and hits the Skull Crushing Finale on the outside!

Apparently, John Morrison felt no desire to come to the King’s aid.


King is gone once again from commentary, and Josh Mathews has rejoined.

King Sheamus v. Randy Orton

Josh Mathews calls Randy Orton, “Lord Voldemort” on his way to the ring. Orton and Sheamus lock up. Orton is backed into the corner and Sheamus punches him in the gut. Orton whips around positions and punches Sheamus in the gut. Orton hits two uppercuts, and then tries to take Sheamus to the next corner. Sheamus blocks, and whips Orton into the ropes. Orton reverses and hits an arm lariat. Sheamus is on the mat, and Orton stomps across his chest. Orton leaps for a knee drop, but Sheamus rolls out of the way.

Sheamus is in control now as he drops elbows and then connects with rear choke. Orton is backed into the corner and Sheamus continues with a side choke. Back on his feet, Orton is able to reverse whip Sheamus and connect with a shoulder block. Sheamus is set up on the apron, and Orton is looking for the suspended DDT. Sheamus counters, and it is now Orton on the apron. Sheamus charges, but Orton pulls down on the top tope. Sheamus topples to the outside of the ring. Orton hits an uppercut, but Sheamus responds with by pushing the back of Orton’s head into the steel post.

Sheamus rolls Orton back into the ring. Sheamus catapults over the top rope and connects with a shoulder block on Orton. Cover attempt, but Orton kicks free.


Back from the break, Sheamus has Orton on his shoulders. He slams Orton to the mat, and goes for the cover. Orton kicks out. Orton gets to his feet, and attempts to punch Sheamus. He connects twice, but Sheamus takes back control with huge fists to the back of Orton. Sheamus goes back to his modified arm bar. He tries to keep Orton on the mat, but The Viper is able to get to his feet. Sheamus charges at Orton, but Orton moves out of the way and Sheamus crashes shoulder first into the steel post! Orton begins to climb to the top turnbuckle, pulling a wounded Sheamus with him. Orton hits a huge superplex and goes for the cover! Sheamus kicks out.

Orton punches the head of Sheamus, but Sheamus fires back. Orton kicks him in the gut and goes for another punch. The two begin to exchange blows. Orton backs into the corner, but then kicks Sheamus in the gut. Sheamus kicks Orton in the gut and goes for a scoop slam. Orton breaks free and hits a shoulder block. Sheamus hits a scoop slam and looks to build momentum. He charges at Sheamus, but Sheamus counters with a boot to the face. Orton rebounds with a back body drop, and goes for the cover. Sheamus kicks out.

Orton charges at Sheamus, but Sheamus catches him and hits the Irish Curse backbreaker. Cover attempt, but Orton kicks out. Sheamus is setting up for his devastating Brogue kick, but Sheamus counters and tries for an RKO. Sheamus blocks and punches Orton in the back of the head. Both competitors fall to the mat. Sheamus gets to his feet first and gloats to the crowd. He teases a High Cross. Sheamus sets up, but Orton escapes with a backbreaker. Sheamus rolls to the apron to escape, but almost gets caught with the suspended DDT. Sheamus pushes Orton back and tries again for the leaping shoulder block over the top rope. This time, Orton counters into the RKO!! This match is over!

Winner via RKO: Randy Orton


John Cena’s music hits and he heads down to the ring. He says that CM “Sucks” wanted to call him out, but he is changing the game and is already out here. He tells CM Sucks that if he, “wants some, come get some”.

Punk’s music plays, but he doesn’t come down to the ring. Cena says that if CM Sucks doesn’t want to come down to the ring, he is going to go find him. Cena looks to exit the ring, but Nexus’ music hits.

Nexus, sans Wade Barret come down in front of the ring. David Otunga enters the ring with a mic. He says that he watched Cena beat down every member of the Nexus, and he has had enough. The Nexus is now under new management. Otunga reiterates that Nexus is now under new management. He wants to offer Cena a truce. He extends his hand, but Cena takes the mic instead.

Cena says that he understands why the Nexus did what they did. If he believed anything Otunga was saying, he would gladly shake his hand. But the truth is that David is a slimy, manipulative, backstabbing worm of a man. There will be no truce. He tells Otunga to leave the ring, because if he throws a punch there will be consequences. Otunga exits the ring and heads up the ramp with the rest of Nexus. About halfway up the ramp, they run back into the ring. It is a five on one attack as Cena is wildly outnumbered. In sequence, they all begin to hit their finishers.

Nexus begins to head up the entrance ramp to their music. As they do, CM Punk’s music hits. Punk walks down to the ring and picks Cena up into the air. Punk hits the GTS! Punk runs out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. He rolls back into the ring and lifts it high over his head. Before swinging it onto Cena, he pauses. Instead, he sets it up as a chair and sits down on it in the middle of the ring. Punk looks to be contemplating his options, and picks up the Nexus arm band that Otunga left lying in the ring. Punk places it onto his arm and he is revealed as the new management of Nexus!!

Raw Thoughts

This was a night of mostly short matches, and many backstage segments – and it is a Raw to be remembered.

CM Punk emerging as the new leader of Nexus makes perfect sense. WWE Creative has been on a roll for the past 8 months, and they continue to impress me with their direction. Many claimed that the Nexus was to be disbanded by Summerslam, then the Fall, then it was to be the Rumble. I’m sure that within the next two weeks you’ll read another end game report, but remember that it is all rumor. CM Punk has lost his former Straight Edge Society, but he has gained the Nexus congregation. Let’s be honest, Punk is a more formidable leader than Wade Barret. Cena needs to watch his back, but Punk’s reign will not be easy. Don’t forget about Barret, I can’t imagine that he is too thrilled at losing his posse. I’m almost expecting a new group of cronies to emerge with Barret in the next couple weeks. Or, maybe he’ll even team up with Cena to destroy his former group. There are many, many possible storylines that can emerge from this new group that I know will not disappoint. Punk and Cena are two of the best in the business on the mic, so I expect this feud to be one to be remembered for years. I know it is a bold prediction to make, but I don’t’ see how I can be wrong.

Randy Orton and Sheamus had an incredible match on free TV tonight. It was impressive on so many levels, proving once again that pure wrestling can entertain the crowd. Their match was a great example of how two big men should work against each other. Both came out looking strong, and Orton stayed relevant as the de facto #2 Contender for the WWE Championship.

Tyson Kidd’s attempt against Mark Henry was rather futile… but not quite as much as Jackson Andrews’ post match attack. That didn’t quite work out. Which begs the question, who will be the bigger Presidential Jobber – Jackson Andrews or Abraham Washington?

The Miz’s Title reign has definitely taken a backseat to Cena’s storyline, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Both are strong, but in their own ways. I’m looking forward to next week’s match against Morrison, but I question the decision to put it on free TV. Perhaps there is a lack of confidence in Miz and Morrison for being able to carry a Title match on PPV, and instead they wish to go with Miz v. Orton. Bottom line, expect a fun match next week, but there is a greater chance of McMahon calling me just to say hello this week, than of Morrison winning the Title next week. He may win it one day, but it won’t be next week.

Alex Riley seems to be in the dog house with the Miz as of late. Is a split in the works?

Santino and Tamina are actually gelling pretty well together. Go figure.

I still didn’t get to hear Zack Ryder’s theme music, but at least the guy is getting in some matches. No comment on the match because it was pretty short.

There was a women’s match. So… that happened.

Someone explain to me why Morrison didn’t come help King while Miz was attacking him tonight. He did early in the show… so was he on coffee break or something?

All in all, a really solid Raw tonight. I wasn’t expecting much, but it surely delivered. I’m not one for posting grades, but I’m starting to consider incorporating them because I think it helps the reader understand certain qualities of the matches and show as a whole. I’d like to extend an invitation to you the readers to let me know if you think I should, because you’re who I would do it for.

As for tonight, I’d say it gets a solid (A-). You don’t get much better than tonight’s Raw.

I do read every single e-mail you guys send, and really appreciate hearing your thoughts. Send me some e-mails, and have a safe week everyone!

David Stephens
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